10 most lucrative films at the China Box Office in 2021

  • China’s box office became the largest in the world last year, surpassing the United States.
  • This is largely thanks to local Chinese productions.
  • Only two Hollywood releases, “F9” and “Godzilla vs. King,” are among China’s 10 biggest movies this year.

China is now the largest theater market in the world, thanks in large part to local productions.

The biggest film at the global box office this year is the Chinese war film “Battle of Lake Changjin”, which has earned more than 800 million dollars – and it has only been released in China (it will soon be released in other markets, including the US) .

In the United States, where the theater industry is recovering much more slowly, large budgets are fortunate to crack $ 200 million.

“The Chinese market is moving away from Hollywood,” said Chris Fenton, a film producer and author of “Feeding the Dragon: Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, & American Business.” “China does not need Hollywood to fill seats anymore. ‘The Battle of Lake Changjin’ can do that.”

“F9” and “Godzilla vs. King” are the only two Hollywood releases in China’s top 10 biggest movies this year. There were also two Hollywood movies in the top 10 in 2019. But that was the year Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” became China’s biggest Hollywood release ever with more than $ 600 million.

This year, Marvel movies have been shut out of the country by the Chinese government amid controversy.

Aynne Kokas, professor of media studies at the University of Virginia and author of the book “Hollywood Made in China,” predicted that fewer Hollywood movies would be approved for release in the future, and those who do will face stricter rules.

Local films have accounted for more and more of China’s box office in recent years: 50% in 2016, 60% in 2018 and 85% in 2020, according to research firm Ampere Analysis.

Hollywood pushed most of its biggest films back to this year, but Fenton pointed out that most of those that have been released in China have underperformed.

“Jungle Cruise,” which finally opened in China this weekend, flopped $ 3 million.

“And it plays The Rock, the biggest star in the world,” Fenton said.

Below are the 10 highest-grossing films in China’s box office so far this year:

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