10 tools to increase conversions to email marketing

Over 59% of marketers say that email is their biggest source of ROI. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to engage your contacts and nurture them to become long-term customers, one email at a time.

But how can you get the best results from email marketing?

Some of the best practices for effective email marketing include:

  • Customization and segmentation for the most tailored messages
  • High quality content that delivers value with every email
  • A / B tests emails, especially workflows, to refine your messages
  • Do not send emails too often or forget to send them as long as your contacts forget who you are

But to be in the best position to increase your email marketing conversions and get the highest ROI, there are many valuable tools worth adding to your marketing stack. We have gathered 10 of the best to get started with.Download Now: Template for Email Marketing Planning

10 tools to get better results from email marketing

1. Email Marketing Service

Getting more email conversions starts with an email marketing tool you love to use. This can be part of your CRM or a standalone tool, but it should be a tool you can get the most out of.

Some of the best email marketing tools to compare when you start are Mailerlite, Sendinblue and Mailchimp.

When choosing the best email marketing tool for your business, start with free trial and compare your shortlist of services at:

  • User experience – Do you like using the app and think it is intuitive?
  • Functionality -Does it include well-designed drag and drop templates if you need these? What about user-friendly automation and A / B testing tools?
  • Price – Does it fit your budget?
  • Integrations – Does it sync with your other favorite apps?

2. Data Enhancer Tool

With personalization comes conversions. To create the most personalized emails and get high engagement numbers from your messages, you need a data enhancement tool that increases your scope for personalization.

Clearbit allows you to enter an email address or business domain and receive useful data from over 250 sources in 85 unique data fields, including business sector, job title and more.

3. Marketing Automation

Are you still using marketing automation? This allows you to automatically send the right emails to the right people at the right time, which is one of the best ways to increase email conversions.

Some of the best marketing automation tools for small businesses are:

  • ActiveCampaign – its goal is to provide “true marketing automation”
  • HubSpot – CRM with automation for internal workflows and external communication
  • SendinBlue – a powerful e-mail provider with built-in e-mail automation features
  • Mailchimp- the most popular email marketing service is now all-in-one marketing software

4. Inbox tool

Can you use your current tools to check if a particular contact has opened your email? How about scheduling messages to be sent at a specific time? With tools like Boomerang for Gmail, you can easily see if your emails have been opened.

Many CRMs also have inbox synchronization including copper, which is built for G Suite and works inside your inbox.


5. Landing page optimization

To increase your email marketing conversions, you need to think about the pages where you want your contacts to convert. Are they fully optimized? Take the time to check if every page you link to in your emails is high quality, user friendly and has a clear CTA that is a logical next step from the email content.

To maximize the conversions you get, use a landing page tool like Unbounce to build the most user-friendly page with an effective CTA.

6. Email and conversion analysis

How much data do you have about the emails you send? By collecting data throughout the funnel, you are in the best position to identify and correct any leaks that are losing you conversions.

For email marketing that converts, some valuable data to inform your strategy is:

  • Email sends, opens, jumps, clicks
  • Landing page conversion rate
  • Revenue, time to close and ROI from email marketing contacts and customers

7. Email Verification and List Cleaner Service

Review of your performance data after Sending a campaign is good and good, but what if you could check important information Before sending to increase results?

With a tool like DataValidation, you can quickly see the percentage of deliverable and non-deliverable email addresses on your list before sending. This is a great way to eliminate bounces, improve conversions to email marketing and increase ROI.

You can also sync DataValidation two-way with the rest of your tech stack to remove undeliverable emails from all tools.

8. Calendar Scheduling App

What does conversion look like for your business? If it is to book a time in your team calendar, e.g. For a demo call, maximize the number of appointments set with a calendar scheduling app.

With a tool like Calendly, you can include links in your emails that allow qualified leads to quickly book a meeting at a time that suits both of you.

calendar scheduling app

9. CRM system

The companies with the best operations tend to have a CRM that their team likes to use and can trust. Your CRM increases email marketing conversions by helping you send the right content to the right groups of people, maximizing the chance of them responding to CTA and converting.

To get the best results from your CRM, make sure all your contacts from all apps are synced to it as well as your mailing list. Also make sure that the correct segmentation and data are synchronized, e.g. Original source, company information and updated contact information.

10. Two-way data synchronization

To get better results from email marketing, look at who you are sending to. Are all contacts who have signed up across all apps on your mailing list? You may be missing email addresses from your webinar tools, personal inbox, or other lead generation tools.

To ensure that each contact is synced to the right place, use a two-way data sync to connect your data between apps and have each piece of data exactly where you need it.New call for action

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