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After many years of waiting, 1Password 8 is officially available for Windows 10 and Windows 11. The new app has an intuitive redesign, more secure code, dark mode support, new features and several other enhancements that customers have been longing for.

We got our first taste of 1Password 8 earlier this year when it entered a public beta for Windows and macOS. The most notable improvement is its redesigned interface, which now looks much more like the browser extension and has a cleaner sidebar. It looks better, it works with dark mode, and it’s more intuitive than what we experienced with 1Password 7.

But from a user point of view, the 1Password 8 update is more about speed than appearance. The app’s improved search feature and more straightforward editing tools make it much easier to find or change passwords, and a new Quick Access feature lets you find passwords even when the 1Password app is closed.

The new 1Password update also comes with enhanced Windows Hello support. If you restart your PC, 1Password will remember it, and the browser extension 1Password now supports Windows Hello (as long as you also have the desktop app). In the future, Windows 11 machines will be able to access 1Password using only Windows Hello – no passwords required.

Under the bonnet, 1Password now runs on the Rust language, which is incredibly fast and praised for its safety. The 1Password 8 app has a few new security features, though the biggest change is the new Watchtower Dashboard, which now lets you recover deleted passwords.

There are a host of other small enhancements to 1Password 8, including a new password sharing tool called Psst. So go ahead and download the update today from the 1Password website. Unfortunately, the macOS version of 1Password 8 is not ready for official release, though you can download a public beta (scroll down to “Feeling Adventurous”).

Source: 1Password via Engadget

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