2022 The Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo is a potent electric vehicle

Right now, US buyers have two body types of Porsche Taycan on offer, the traditional Taycan sedan and the Cross Turismo variant with lifted wagon. But now, on the eve of the 2021 LA Auto Show, Porsche has unveiled a third variant and it will only be available in one spec.

On Tuesday, 2022, Porsche unveiled the Porsche Taycan GTS and GTS Sport Turismo ahead of its official debut at the 2021 LA Auto Show. Sport Turismo is Porsche’s name for its station wagon variants of its Panamera and Taycan sedans – think Cross Turismo without the raised bodywork or the irrelevant fender. There are several variants of Taycan Sport Turismo on offer outside the US, but here among our yellow waves of grain, the Taycan GTS will be your only way to get a proper electric cart.

The Taycan GTS Sport Turismo is also a pretty good case in itself. The Taycan GTS relies on two permanent magnet electric motors to produce a net 590 horsepower with launch control, which places it directly between the 462-hp Taycan 4S and 670-hp Taycan Turbo, similar to how GTS models are placed elsewhere in Porsche’s stand in line. All that power is enough to shoot the Taycan GTS to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds.

Underneath the body is the same 93.4-kilowatt-hour Performance Battery Plus upgrade as other Taycan models. While Porsche has not yet given an estimate for a range for the Taycan GTS, the automaker said the 800-volt architecture of the battery will allow charging from 5% to 80% in just 22.5 minutes. EPA estimates for GTS and GTS Sport Turismo should be released closer to when deliveries take place, which should be in the second quarter of 2022.

GTS is designed with performance in mind. Standard adaptive air suspension has unique tuning. The 4S comes with 360 millimeter front rotors, while the GTS abuts up to 390 mm, though the two models share the same rear brakes. Porsche also gave the GTS a unique twist on its audio synthesizer for a little extra differentiation.

Like most other GTS models, the Taycan GTS does a pretty good job of visually differentiating itself from other variants in the series. More aggressive bumpers and side skirts are supplied as standard, with trim decorated in glossy black. 20-inch satin-black alloy wheels are also standard, and there is also some black hue in the headlights.

I hope you like suede!


Inside, Porsche’s Race-Tex material is at the center, while GTS logos find their way into the headrests of the 18-way electric front seats. Throw a little more money into the mix, and the optional GTS interior package further softens things up with plenty of contrast stitching, GTS badge embroidery and matte-carbon trim. A glass roof is standard, but buyers can upgrade to an electrochromic roof that can change its opacity. Technically, everything is the usual standard, including automatic air conditioning, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS and GTS Sport Turismo can be ordered now, with deliveries in the US starting in the second quarter of next year. Hopefully you have brought your big wallet with you, for it is not a cheap offer; The Taycan GTS will set you back $ 132,750 including $ 1,350 in destination fees, while the GTS Sport Turismo brings the price tag up to $ 134,650.

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