21 best deals on Black Friday headphones and speakers you can grab (2021)

Jaybird Vista 2

Photo: Jaybird

Best buy, B&H, Jaybird

If you’re tough on earphones, these are some of the most rugged we’ve tried. They are sweat and dust repellent and they fit very well (and remain safe even during sweaty efforts). With this high discount, they are a great buy for any pigsty in your life.

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Apple AirPods Max

Photo: Apple


These are the best sounding wireless headphones I have ever heard and they are absolutely magical with iOS devices and Macs. They sound great, have excellent noise reduction and boast one of my favorite volume buttons in the industry. If you are looking for the best headphones for work and travel, these are the ones.


Sony’s wireless headphones (9/10, WIRED recommends) have ranked among the best on the market for almost a decade. They have 30 hours of battery life, great noise reduction and great sound. They even detect the ambient air pressure so they can help reduce the strange feeling you get in your ears on air travel.


These are the best sounding wired headphones I have ever heard for under $ 220, let alone $ 179. Please note: They are open-backed, which means you will be able to hear all the sounds from the outside world and we will be able to hear your music.

Goal, Amazon

This is the newer version of the ever popular QC-35 headphones that debuted over a decade ago. They now have better microphones, better battery life and the same amazing noise reduction feature. At this price, they are a great deal for those who spend more time than ever on Zoom.

Amazon, Best buy

Jabra’s sleek on-ears are some of our favorite headphones for under $ 100 because they fit and sound good value for money. Now that they’re 40 percent off … maybe just buy two pairs?

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Google Nest Mini

Photo: Google

Goal, Walmart

The Nest Mini is a great little speaker if you want to bring music (and a voice assistant) into bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens. I like to use them to set timers or listen to news while I get dressed, but they also make great alarm clocks and white noise machines.


Sony’s little portable speaker is one of my new favorites, thanks to its bold, bass sound. Throw it in a backpack or book bag and you can take your favorite songs with you everywhere thanks to an IP67 rating and up to 16 hours of battery life.


We like JBL’s Bluetooth speakers for their mix of style and value. This small tube has a 10 hour battery and an IPX7 rating, making it a valuable portable listening companion.


Klipsch speakers are amazing. But if that is not reason enough to buy this Bluetooth speaker in wood, consider the beautiful metal knobs and the knitted grille cover. Imagine sipping on Scotch and listening to Miles Davis on this thing.

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