27 Marketing Podcasts That Inspire HubSpot’s Content Team

Podcasting is here to stay. According to Insider Intelligence, there are over 117 million podcast listeners in the United States alone, an increase of 10% from last year, and that number is expected to increase.

So why are so many people listening to podcasts? 74% of podcast listeners say they tune in to their favorite shows to learn new things.

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Podcasts offer knowledge and inspiration in an easily digestible format for various topics. If sharpening your skills as a marketer is on your priority list, setting up marketing-focused podcasts can be a great way to prioritize your professional development.

I asked members of the HubSpot content team what podcasts they like to learn the latest in marketing and entrepreneurship from. Here are their recommendations for the best podcasts covering digital, content and affiliate marketing.

Best marketing podcasts

1. The Shake Up

The Shake Up |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: The Shake Up is a weekly podcast hosted by Alexis Gay and Brianne Kimmel. Each week, the hosts facilitate engaging discussions about business leaders and companies shaking up the status quo. In each episode, you learn a new perspective or a new strategy to support your work.

2. My first million

My first million |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Are you looking for your million idea? Add my first million to your podcast queue. Hosts Sam Parr and Shaan Puri explore business trends and opportunities and brainstorm potential business ideas on-air. If you’re in a creative routine, My First Million can help inspire new ideas for promotions and offers.

3. iDigress

iDigress Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: If you need strategic direction, you can tune in to iDigress, hosted by Troy Sandidge. Troy specializes in finding creative solutions to complex problems, and lets listeners get takeaways to implement better marketing and business strategies.

4. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: The Duct Tape Marketing podcast has provided expert insights and tips to marketers since 2005. Host John Jantsch interviews top marketers and thought leaders for daily tips, tactics and inspirations aimed at small businesses.

5. Marketing made easy

Marketing Made Simple Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Marketing does not have to be complicated to be effective. The Marketing Made Simple podcast by StoryBrand offers weekly tips to help marketers simplify their efforts for better results.

6. Go-To Gal with Jaclyn Mellone: ​​Online marketing + mindset for female entrepreneurs

Go to Crazy Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: A healthy mindset is a non-negotiable trait for successful marketers and entrepreneurs. Host Jaclyn Mellone and her guests tackle important topics such as building a personal brand, creating effective marketing systems and creating equal and inclusive businesses.

7. Marketing Analytics Show

Marketing Analytics Show |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: In marketing, data is everything. The Marketing Analytics Show helps listeners feel more confident by working with marketing analytics. In each episode, host Anna Shutko interviews marketers and analysts who share how they leverage data to make informed decisions and strategies.

8. Promote Your Genius Podcast

Promote Your Genius Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Nikki Nash is the author, lecturer and marketing mentor behind the Market Your Genius book and podcast. In weekly episodes, Nash and guests share personal anecdotes mini-workouts with action-oriented takeaways to allow listeners to grow their business and reach the right audience.

9. CMO Podcast

CMO Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Have you ever wished you could choose the brains of top marketing executives? You can do that by tuning in to The CMO Podcast. Each week, host Jim Stengel, former CMO of Procter & Gamble who became an entrepreneur, facilitated in-depth conversations with CMOs of all backgrounds to inform and inspire.

10. Sakita method

Sakita method |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Award-winning publicist and entrepreneur Sakita Holley shares a mix of solo episodes and interviews with successful advertisers, entrepreneurs and business people. Each episode has tangible insights that listeners can apply to their own careers and business to create positive results.

11. Metrics & Chill: The Podcast on Improving Business Metrics

Metrics and Chill Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: The Metrics & Chill podcast from Databox takes the adage “what is being measured is being done” to a whole new level. For listeners looking for innovative ways to collect and analyze business data, Metrics & Chill offers informative case studies and takeaways from how successful companies manage their data.

12. MarTech

MarTech Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Tune in to the MarTech podcast to profit directly from marketers just like you. Each episode features an innovative marketer who shares the challenges and triumphs of their careers in the field. At the end of each episode, you will hear tangible tips and tricks to take your career to the next level.

Best digital marketing podcasts

Online marketing made easy

Online marketing made easy |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Online Marketing Made Easily Hosted by Amy Porterfield is a top-rated business podcast that covers digital marketing strategies for online business owners. Porterfield specializes in taking big ideas and breaking them down into actionable steps that the listener can immediately apply in their own business.

2. Marketing school

Marketing School Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Digital marketing experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu share small daily sections filled with practical advice. Topics covered include the latest SEO strategies, maximizing engagement on social media and setting meaningful goals.

The digital marketing podcast

Digital marketing podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: The Digital Marketing Podcast hosted by Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles is equally informative and entertaining. With many sections running in under 30 minutes, listeners can get a wealth of information on the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies in an easily digestible format.

4. Socialette: Bite-sized Online Marketing Podcast

Socialette Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: If you are looking for quick tips that you will actually want to use, Socialette by Steph Taylor is for you. In each episode, Taylor dives into a different area of ​​digital marketing to answer questions at the top of the minds of any digital marketer and online entrepreneur.

Best Content Marketing Podcasts

1. Copyblogger

Copyblogger Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: If you enjoy deep immersion in content marketing, email marketing, lead conversion and copywriting, the Copyblogger podcast is for you. Each week, host Tim Stoddart sits down with content marketing experts who share their experiences and hands-on takeaways for the listener.

2. Social Benefits Podcast

Social Benefits Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Social media is an ever-changing, yet critical component of many companies’ marketing strategies. Social Pros features top social media strategists who focus on key trends and changes happening in the social media landscapes so marketers can be ahead of the curve.

3. Active marketing podcast

Actionable Marketing Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Actionable Marketing Podcast is a weekly show for marketers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Each episode is designed to be concise and practical for marketers at any point in their careers.

4. Agents of change: SEO, social media and mobile marketing for small businesses

Agents of Change Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Agents of Change helps listeners learn to use content to get ahead of their ideal customers. Host Rich Brooks interviews guests who offer practical advice on SEO, social media marketing and more.

5. Build your tribe | Make your business grow with social media

Build Your Tribe Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Although primarily aimed at entrepreneurs, Build Your Tribe by Chalene and Brock Johnson offers valuable advice to anyone looking to leverage online platforms for business growth. Topics include basic branding, the latest hashtag strategies, social media ideas and more.

6. Eternal traffic

Eternal Traffic Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Perpetual Traffic, produced by DigitalMarketer, is about lead acquisition and audience growth for companies of all sizes. Hosts Ralph Burns and Amanda Powell discuss paid advertising strategies that companies can use to expand their reach.

7. Influencer Podcast

Influencer Podcast Marketing |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Influencer Podcast is a must-listen for those who focus on influencer marketing. This show provides valuable insight into the world of influencer marketing and has important anecdotes for both influencers and marketers.

8. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social media marketing podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Social Media Marketing hosts Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner and has been a valued resource on all social media since 2012. This podcast provides weekly sections designed to help marketers learn new strategies and deliver better campaigns.

Affiliate marketing podcasts

1. Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

Smart Passive Income Podcast |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Smart passive income hosted by Pat Flynn covers various topics related to online business and affiliate marketing. Flynn offers a mix of solo sections and interviews with guests to cover a variety of topics, including ethical affiliate marketing to help companies and their affiliates generate revenue.

2. The affiliated guy

The affiliated guy |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Marketers interested in learning the latest affiliate marketing news can subscribe to The Affiliate Guy, hosted by Matt McWilliams. This weekly podcast shares tips, news, and insights related to how companies can better manage affiliate programs and help their affiliates earn higher commissions.

Affiliated: ClickBank’s official affiliate marketing podcast

Affiliated podcast by Clickbank |  Best marketing podcastsWhy listen: Hosts Thomas McMahon and Kyle Kostechka publish every other week to share effective affiliate marketing strategies that work across industries.

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