30 fun white elephant gifts that are sure to make your friends laugh in 2021

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  • White Elephant, Yankee Swap and Nasty Christmas gift exchanges reward originality and humor.
  • To save you many hours of internet browsing, here are 30 great gift ideas for White Elephant, all under $ 50.
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When it comes to gift exchange games like White Elephant, Yankee Swap or Nasty Christmas, master givers must first forget everything they know about giving. Instead of cashmere scarves or Belgian chocolate reserved for birthdays or major holidays, gift exchanges typically reward the niche, the novel and the reverent, with bonus points for those who can mark the boxes with fun and useful. Think: crooked cookbooks, personalized pillows and card games that instantly break the ice.

What is White Elephant?

White Elephant is a humorous gift exchange of the most unique and obscure items that is a fun break from traditional gift giving. The Christmas game is played with a fixed price range and theme with gifts ranging from used household items, unopened gifts from the past, to new gifts with a comic edge.

How to play White Elephant

To begin with, players draw numbers to determine the order in which to unpack the gifts. Each subsequent person has the option of unpacking a gift or stealing another.

Check out all 30 White Elephant gifts below:

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