6 tips for remote recruitment that every recruiter needs

That the working environment has evolved ever since the advent of the first coronavirus variant in 2020. Companies across the board have been scrambling online and desperately trying to recruit and retain employees externally. As economies have been hit, companies face financial constraints in various sectors of the market. Even college enrollment has dropped rapidly.

Although people adhere to social distance and quarantine standards in different parts of the world, remote employment has increased productivity. With flexible hours and alternative schedules, employees can find the right work balance mentally and physically.

With recruiters working externally, companies need to focus on being fully digital and tech-enabled with best practices and tools to find the right candidate. A video interview is considered the next big trend in the HR industry as approx 96% of employees want some form of telework after the pandemic.

As a recruiter, you need to learn to adapt to trends and strategies to attract the right candidate. However, most recruitment elements can remain the same, but specific tips and tricks can help you hire good remote staff.

6 tips for remote recruitment that every recruiter needs

In this article, we will focus on some basic principles to improve your remote recruitment skills.

Engage the right platform campaigns

It should not surprise you that you need to engage in the right platform campaigns – but 84% of recruiting staff focus about sharing job opportunities on social media. Because people have easy access to the Internet, online portals give recruiters a wider audience, which is cost-effective and provides more flexibility. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are great social platforms for sharing your job descriptions.

Make sure all your postings have accurate information about the job available, such as responsibilities and expectations. Creating engaging and attractive job ads will allow you to get in touch with job seekers more personally and also build an employer’s credibility. You can also use recruitment sites like Monster, Indeed, etc. to find suitable candidates.

Reevaluate the employment plan

Every recruiter should have a structured hiring process that ensures that the interview runs smoothly and efficiently. It also helps in gathering the correct information by asking the right questions required for the job. Since you do not have the opportunity to meet face to face, changing your hiring tactics will allow you to engage with the candidate more systematically.

You can even consider using a character reference letter after gathering all the information. Realia Project has some of the best free printables examples of character reference letters.

This allows you to manage multiple candidates at once and present the right match to your employer. You could even consider using video interviews for a better virtual assessment of the candidate. See next point.

Video interviews

As mentioned above, video interviews have been the best way to communicate and assess your potential candidates during the pandemic. The freedom of working remotely allows people to be a little more comfortable on camera. At different levels of your employment funnel strategy, you can learn to use both one-way and two-way video.

While planning a video interview with your candidate, make sure that both parties have access to a strong internet connection. Provide all essential and relevant details for the interview, such as dress code if required, invitation link, any specific software and so on. Be confident, consistent and professional, just like in a personal meeting.

Have a plan B for technical issues or errors that may affect the course of the interview. These simple adjustments allow you to assess your candidate correctly.

Take advantage of the technology

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds every single day. Even during the deadly pandemic, technology has been the solution for companies to survive in the competitive world. In addition, the technology has helped recruiters, and talent acquisition teams screen multiple candidates at once and spend their time on quality and qualified candidates.

By using AI in recruitment, recruiters can complete time-consuming tasks in minutes. In addition, they allow recruiters to process and evaluate candidates more effectively. As a result, there has been a significant improvement in the use of AI during recruitment as it makes an HR job easier, faster and less stressful.

This also improves mental health and the ability to increase creativity and productivity. As a recruiter, if you have not invested in AI yet, you should consider updating your hiring process to treat candidates better. Here are some AI tools which can boost your recruitment process.

Be one with your team.

When working externally, you need to be up to date with any new developments in your organization. Having a well-informed and structured hiring process will ensure that the entire team stays on the same page. Whether it is externally or in an office, this will ensure that there is no kind of communication gap with your colleagues. In addition, being in sync with your hiring team will help the organization delegate tasks to different members without any confusion.

For example, who is responsible for screening, video interviews, shortlisting, approval and so on. You can use a specific account to store recorded interviews, pros and cons, your opinion so members who have access to the account will be in the loop. This will promote maximum productivity so that recruiters can assess potential hires according to company guidelines.

Ensure privacy

Data protection is one of the biggest concerns for all agencies. The last thing a business wants is for their personal and private data to be hacked and endanger their customers and recruits. Whether you are recruiting locally or internationally, securing your telecommunications and video communications will protect the candidate and the company.

Many video interview platforms such as Google Meet, Skype or Microsoft Teams have basic built-in security protocols in place. But as a business, you can take it a step further by adding specific security software and tools to ensure that you are protected from cyber threats.

Check candidate equipment

Hiring candidates externally comes with many struggles as you can not meet in person and make a decision. It all depends on how you conduct the interview and ask the right questions. Before selecting a candidate, make sure that they have all the necessary equipment required to work externally.

The basic requirements will include a desktop or laptop computer, internet connection and any specific software or hardware required for the job role. The last thing you want is for your candidate to retire in the later stages of the conversation with the client.

Concluding thoughts

Companies have begun to recognize the benefits of teleworking as it has helped increase productivity. Therefore, I believe that remote recruitment will exist for a while, even post-pandemic.

Working from home has proven that recruiters can adapt and improve their methods of finding the right candidates virtual reality transforms the work of the future.

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