9 deleted scenes that should have made the final cut

Thanks to various streaming networks, The office has a new wave of popularity. Even though the show was on for nine seasons (2005-2013), fans will always want more Michael Scott, Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute on Dunder Mifflin. Those behind the series have since released deleted scenes, cold openings that did not make the cut, and stories that were ignored. And Youtube have an abundance of them available to fans.

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While The office created the perfect sitcom, there were some deleted scenes that fans would have liked to have seen. Whether they were simply funny or they added more depth to a particular scene, there are more than a handful of scenes that deserved a place in the aired episodes.

9 Andy Bernard’s Letter to Her “Cousin” Michelle Obama (Season 9, Episode 3)

In season 9’s “Andy’s Ancestry,” Nellie drew a joke on Andy by telling him that she was researching his family tree and that he was a distant cousin of the former first lady, Michelle Obama. Andy was incredibly proud of this fact and bragged about it around the office, even though everyone knew Michelle Obama was a member of Andy’s family did not make sense.

In the deleted scene, there was a moment where Andy read a letter he wrote to Michelle to the camera. In the letter, he introduced himself as her family member and that he ran a successful paper company. He later told her that he would love to get together – but not on “October 20” as he had other commitments … This moment is so typical of Andy and deserved to be in the series because it proved that Andy really believed in Nellie’s lie.

8 A proper introduction to Bob Vance (Season 2, Episode 10)

In “Christmas Party,” Phyllis introduced his new girlfriend, Bob Vance, to his colleagues. He introduced himself as “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration,” proving he worked at Scranton Business Park. Phyllis would later marry Bob, but it would have been fun to know more about their privacy.

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In a deleted scene, Phyllis had a talking head, where she told the cameras that she had a date with her for the party – Bob Vance. The two met at work and formed a relationship. With a loving smile that fans loved, Phyllis whispered to the cameras that Bob was her boyfriend. Seeing this side of Phylli’s relationship would have been memorable for the viewers.

7 Michael’s Sage Sales Advice While Training Dwight (Season 2, Episode 14)

In “The Carpet,” Michael was disturbed to find some sort of excrement on the floor of his office. The scent was unsettling and made everyone sick. The office had it cleaned professionally while they tried to figure out what it was, but that only made it worse. Because of this, Michael had to work in the sales department for the day.

In the deleted scene, Dwight was on a call, but when he realized it was not going anywhere, he told the potential client that he would call him in a month. Michel hated Dwight’s crooked response and demanded that he make another sales call involving jokes. According to Michael, he had to tell a joke to land the sale. However, Dwight’s joke came across the client and Michael had to take over. Funnily enough, it was Michael who trained Dwight in sales in the first place, so Dwight’s failure was also Michael’s.

6 A very cold meeting between Pam & Roy’s parents at his wedding (Season 9, Episode 2)

One of the craziest things Pam has done in the series was when she attended her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Pam and Jim had been married for a few years in season 9 and were a great place to attend Roy’s wedding after receiving the invitation.

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Roy’s success made things a little tense for Pam, and it only got worse when Pam encountered Roy’s parents in a deleted scene. They raved about their son and how much they loved their new daughter-in-law. “Laura is really easy to get along with and she’s loyal,” Roy’s mother told Pam with a condescending smile. The moment was awkward and told so much about Pam’s story with Roy’s family that it should have been included in the final cut.

5 Florida Stanely Knows How to Have a Good Time (Season 8, Episode 15)

Stanley has some funny quotes in The office and is a totally underrated character. Fans saw its true self when a group of workers from Scranton were transferred to Florida for a few weeks to launch a new product on behalf of Saber. While in Florida, Stanley escaped.

Now known as “Florida Stanely”, he showed Jim how to vacation in Florida while also showing up for work. In a deleted scene, Stanley Jim showed a “magic trick” when he poured a mini bottle of rum into Jim’s soda, only to refill the empty shot bottle with iced tea. Ice cream and rum had the same color, and the glass turned out to be refilled. According to Stanley, now that the mini-bottle looked full again, he put it back in the minibar so he could not be charged for it. Fans wanted more Florida Stanley, which is why this scene should have stayed in.

4 Dwight attempted CPR on Pam At The Dundies (Season 2, Episode 1)

IN The office‘s first Dundies drank Pam too much for fear of the potential Dundie, she had to win and fell off a bar stool after laughing too hard. Jim was there to help her and everything was fine. But in the deleted scene, Pam fell to the floor and Dwight ran over to help her. For some reason, Dwight tore off her shirt and tried to give her CPR. Pam was too giggly to worry, but Jim helped Pam off the ground and escorted her away from Dwight when he was yelled at by the manager for being shirtless.

The night was great for fans as it was one of the first times Pam and Jim kissed. This scene would have been a fun addition to the episode.

3 Andy asked Oscar to fire his maid in Spanish (A Deleted Cold Open)

Andy was an amazing guy who had a bad streak in season 9. His character changed a lot over the years; he became less of the adorable Andy and more of the rude, secluded Andy.

In a deleted scene, Andy asked Oscar into his office and asked if he could be the translator between him and his maid. Oscar reluctantly agreed, and the two laughed about her children and had a sweet conversation, but when Oscar asked Andy what he wanted him to say to her, Andy asked Oscar to fire her! Furious, Oscar refused the assignment, but he eventually gave in and did so. The whole scene was total Office cringe humor – perfect for the rest of the episode if it had been chosen.

2 Pam found out about Cathy & Jim’s Hotel Room Hangout (Season 8, Episode 16)

Fans screamed at their television as Cathy flirted with Jim during their time in Florida for a business trip. When Pam was home, fans did not want Jim to ruin his relationship. In the episode, Pam never found out that Cathy spent most of the night taking a shower and lying in Jim’s hotel room, but a deleted scene turned out to be a different story.

In the scene, Pam and Darryl called Jim’s hotel room from Scranton. But instead of Jim, it was Cathy who picked up the phone. Pam’s heart fell in her chest as she spoke to Jim afterwards. But she quickly realized that Cathy was in love with Jim and refused to leave her room. This scene would have made all the difference in the actual episode.

1 Dwight’s Prank Gone Wrong (Season 8, Episode 10)

In “Christmas Wishes”, viewers saw the office holding a Christmas party. A deleted scene found Dwight trying to prank Jim by placing a bucket full of random liquids on top of the door and waiting until Jim walked through the door until the bucket fell on his head. While Dwight was telling the cameras his plan, an unsuspecting Cathy walked in and the bucket fell on her head. Dwight was funny annoyed that his fun was ruined and was mad at Cathy for ruining the fun. Given that fans found Cathy to be an annoying character, this moment should have been preserved.

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