“Abu Dhabi Environment” kills one million seabirds annually through plastic bags

The Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi, reported that the United Arab Emirates uses about 11 billion plastic bags annually, based on the submitted reports, because this number is three times the global average, noting that the plastic bags that t used to carry groceries or daily necessities are used Once and for an average of 20 minutes before removing it, scientists estimate that the plastic bag can take about 1,000 years to completely decompose and cause poisoning and damage to the environment .

The authority stated, “on its Twitter account”, that plastic bags that are not stored in the designated area end up in the marine or terrestrial environment, causing the death of more than one million seabirds each year, and 100,000 living creatures, including whales, dolphins and sea turtles.She pointed to the possibility of avoiding the use of disposable plastic bags and replacing them with environmentally friendly bags that can be reused when shopping.

It is expected that the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi in the current year will implement the procedures for regulating the circulation of disposable plastics, and encouraging the use of materials for multiple uses, in a movement around the entrance of these materials to reduce. in the environment, in addition to changing the behavior of society towards more sustainable practices.

The authority stated that since the launch of the Abu Dhabi Disposable Plastic Policy in Abu Dhabi in 2020, it has been preparing the infrastructure for implementation by working on the required legislation. According to the proposed plan, the procedures will be implemented in 2022, including the procedures for banning disposable plastic bags, or placing fees on a number of disposable plastic products and materials, and launching a bottle repair system.

The Authority is also examining the effects of measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic on the policy implementation scheme, and the scope of the policy includes the development of legislation to reduce the use of these materials through gradual measures encourage reduction of consumption of disposable bags, and put fees on them to achieve their comprehensive ban, in addition to Placing fees on a number of other materials with available alternatives and preventing them from being distributed free of charge to the final consumer.

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