Adidas launches NFT collection with exclusive access to merch drops

Adidas is entering the NFT game. The apparel company launches a line of NFTs on Friday, called Into the Metaverset, which will give buyers access to what is basically a very exclusive fan club. NFT holders will be able to purchase special merch drops, and adidas says members will help shape the kinds of products and experiences the company puts together for its NFT owner community.

“Adidas is in the meta-verse,” says Tareq Nazlawy, Adidas’ senior director of digital growth. The edge. “We want to find out what would be the dumbest thing to do in that space and start involving the communities we activate through this. [NFT] in how we should manifest ourselves in the virtual world. “

The launch comes after a few weeks of crypto and metaverse hype from Adidas. The company launched digital tokens last month that will give holders early access to the NFT drop, and a few weeks ago it started tweeting vaguely about the meta-verse. Adidas also bought a Bored Ape – the company named the monkey Indigo Hertz – and equipped it with a custom training suit from the Adidas brand.

The hoodie shows the blockchain address: 0x676DBC8275D6164696461737f3Fd325741474D49

A close-up of the hoodie.
Image: Adidas

The NFTs will sell for 0.2 ETH, or about $ 800 USD, from December 17 via the Adidas website. Adidas declined to say how many NFTs would be sold, citing “security protocols” and declined to say whether the company would receive royalties on NFT resale. The company was also unable to share photos or a description of what Into the Metaverset NFTs will look like before this story was scheduled to be published.

NFT buyers will have access to “digital and physical” Adidas products and experiences. Initially, the physical items will include the tracksuit worn by Indigo, a hoodie with a blockchain address on it and an orange hat. The item is cobranded with a trio of partners: Bored Ape Yacht Club, the highly coveted NFT collection; Punks Comics, which recently had Indigo on the cover of a number; and GMoney, a pseudonymous crypto enthusiast who has consulted with Adidas on how to enter the NFT area in a way that feels authentic. The hat is meant to be the one worn by GMoney’s CryptoPunks avatar.

“There will be other experiences we put together,” says Erika Wykes-Sneyd, VP of Marketing for Adidas Originals, The edge. “The intention is this thing, this NFT, you belong to a community, and we continue to add value to it over time, and it will also evolve with what we learn about the community, how they change and evolve.”

It is a well-known formula for the NFT space. NFT project creators will tell you that the real value of their tokens comes from building a community around them and developing a roadmap to deliver new experiences. Adidas seems to be borrowing that approach, but it’s new to see a big company jump into the fray.

There are many options here for Adidas. Streetwear enthusiasts are already used to competing to get a limited number of product drops, and Adidas already has an app, called Confirmed, to sell special series like Yeezys. That Into the Metaverset The NFT series offers just one new (and potentially) more exclusive) way to offer that kind of drops.

Plus, the NFT range already works a bit like expensive, hyped streetwear brands like Supreme. One of the most important privileges so far in owning a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT is access to exclusive merch drops, like a hat and hoodie, which resell on eBay for hundreds of dollars in addition to their selling price.

From that perspective, it was only a matter of time before an actual streetwear brand came into action. And it may not be long before others join them: just this week, Nike acquired a company that makes NFTs and virtual sneakers.

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