Ahead of the match-up with Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers reiterates that he won’t play until he’s 45 . is

Capital One's The Match VI - Brady & Rodgers v Allen & Mahomes

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The two oldest starting quarterbacks in the NFL will face each other in Tampa this weekend, leading to questions about how long Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will be a game in the NFL.

Brady is 45 and Rodgers said in the summer he won’t play until he’s that old, but the Packers’ trip to the Buccaneers means he was again questioned about his longevity on Wednesday. Rodgers noted that you try to stay as long as possible “when you’ve performed at a high level for a long time,” but said he still thinks he’ll do something else before he hits his 45th birthday.

“It won’t be me, I will” do something differentsaid Rodgers, via Jim Polzin of the Wisconsin State Journal. “I have a lot of other interests outside of the game. Game has been really good for me. I feel like I gave everything to the game. At some point it will be time to do something different, and I’m on it convinced that it will be for 45.”

Sunday’s game will be the fifth time the two quarterbacks have faced each other as starters and could be the last given the uncertain future of both players. Rodgers said he wasn’t exactly nostalgic about the prospect, but more than a few fans will likely enjoy the chance to see the two players on the same pitch again.

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