All the gossip from the reasonably shady party

All the gossip from the reasonably shady party

Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant from The real housewives in Potomac hosted a reasonably shady party in honor of their new podcast, and it’s time to talk about the gossip that made the rounds at that event. The green-eyed bandits have been best friends since the beginning RHOP. However, Bash marked the beginning of a whole new adventure for entrepreneurs.

Prior to the event, Gizelle and Robyn had some differences of opinion. Gizelle planned to have the event outside her home because of the construction and said she would not let certain people enter. Gizelle decided that Dr. Wendy Osefo and Karen Huger would not be allowed to use the bathroom. Robyn was not prepared to do this. Karen and Gizelle’s age-old feud erupted over the afternoon, as did Gizelle’s excitement with Wendy. Gizelle decided to bring the infidelity gossip around Wendy’s husband Eddie Osefo up on the season’s first girl ride. Wendy said none of the rumors are true. In return, Wendy cast a shadow over Gizelle’s recent split with her ex-husband.

When the party started, paddles were handed out with “reasonable” and “shady” on each side. Then Gizelle and Robyn asked questions, which RHOP marked reasonable or shady with their paddles. Before they could get too far, Karen Mia Thornton pulled aside. Mia questioned Candiace Dillard Bassett’s mother about whether Candiace’s husband Chris Bassett was paid as her manager. During the game, Gizelle took trouble with Wendy for telling Candiace about Mia’s comments. Candiace appreciated Wendy’s honesty and confronted Mia, asking, “why is it appropriate to ask my mother such a question? On a day that should be happy and positive?” When Mia stamped her music video low budget, Candiace struck a low blow by also feeling Mia’s mother low budget. After the, RHOPs Candiace held his tongue and showed his abilities in avoiding further drama.

The group also discussed whether Karen’s honest drunken calls were reasonable or shady. What they could agree on was that they were entertaining. Gizelle then asked if it was reasonable or shady to question Wendy’s changes in appearance amid the cheating rumors surrounding Eddie. Wendy replied, “I mean, it would only be fair if the same blog that reported that did not report that you had a venereal disease,” with reference to Gizelle. Robyn was then extremely warmed up with Wendy and said no one could get through to her. Wendy made the last point that if any of them were really worried, would RHOP could have called her directly.

In the end, according to Bravo’s The daily dish, “the jury is still out” on, about the party “was reasonable at all, but it was certainly shady.” What is certain is that Gizelle and Robyn have put together a podcast formula that will definitely sell. When it comes to the green-eyed bandits’ feud with Wendy and Candiace’s excitement with Mia, fans will have to see how the rest of The real housewives in Potomac season unfolds.

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