Amazon Fire TV Black Friday Offer: Stick 4K Max Hits $ 35, Save $ 150 on Omni TVs

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Amazon’s Fire TV devices let you stream most major ones streaming services, including Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max and its own Prime Video. Like its biggest rival YearFire TV is a popular and affordable way to stream TV shows and movies, and is available on plug-and-play devices such as Fire TV Stick and Cube, as well as on televisions from Toshiba, Insignia and Amazon itself. The Fire TV platform works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and – unlike Roku – you can even install VPNs on Four TV Devices, which increases viewing options that are otherwise regionally locked.

Along with Prime Day, the Black Friday the holiday season is generally the best time to buy Four TVs. We are gathering the best deals we see here and we will continue to update as more become available.

Black Friday Deals on Four TV Devices

Want to upgrade an older TV with the latest Fire TV streaming options? Now is a good time. A Fire TV Stick will give your TV an Alexa-powered streaming makeover, and the 4K version now sells for as little as $ 25. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Fire TV Cube are set down at their lowest prices ever, and the Fire TV Recast DVR is back at its lowest ever.

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K debuted in 2018 at $ 50, and today it is at a record low level of $ 25. While it’s a great price, we think the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max (see below) is a valuable upgrade, especially considering it’s now only $ 10 more expensive than this older version. On the other hand, if you want to pay as little as possible for 4K streaming, the non-Max connector is still a great deal.

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If you’re looking for a fast device, look no further than the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Max loads 4K content apps almost instantly, and navigation around the system is fast and smooth. Even better, Max supports Wi-Fi 6 and almost all the latest playback standards, including Dolby Vision. The downside of Max is its Fire TV platform – we like Roku better – and the fact that ads are prominent everywhere.

Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the best Fire Stick on the market and is now down to a record low level of $ 35, slightly more expensive than the original Fire TV Stick 4K. For those looking for the best streaming experience Amazon has to offer, it might be worth spending the extra $ 10 to download Max.

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The Amazon Fire TV Cube combines a Fire TV Stick with an Alexa speaker to create an all-in-one device to control your TV with your voice. It lets you control the power, input, and volume of your TV, soundbar, or AV receiver using only voice commands. You can also use your voice to switch channels on a cable box. While not for everyone, the Cube may be a great choice for those who love to control their TV with their voice. Fire TV Cube debuted in 2018 for $ 120, but is now at a record low of $ 80 this holiday season.

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Fire TV Recast is a DVR for cable cutters that records the free, over-the-air (OTA) TV you can get in most areas of the country by setting up an antenna. Amazon Fire TV Recast antenna DVR charges no monthly fees, setup is easy and streaming outside the home to your phone works well. The downside is that you will need a Fire TV device connected to your TV and you can only watch two devices at a time. The two-tuner, 500GB version of Fire TV Recast originally went on sale in 2018 for $ 230, but is now down to a record low of $ 130.

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Four TV 4 Series Black Friday Deals

After licensing its Fire TV operating system to third-party manufacturers such as Toshiba and Insignia, Amazon began producing its own series of Fire TV models in 2021. There are two lines, the 4-series and the step-up Omni series. Both are for sale now for the first time. The 4 Series does not have the built-in microphones available on the Omni Series, but you still have full access to Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, via the remote. We have not yet reviewed these models, but both lines will be will get AirPlay support later this year. Read more about the Amazon 4 series and Omni TV.


Go big! Right now, the 50-inch 4-Series is $ 40 cheaper than the 43-inch. The 55-inch (see below) costs an additional $ 50.

Other Amazon Fire TV 4 Series to Consider:

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

The Omni Series is a fully hands-free TV with built-in microphones so you can drop the remote control. Just turn on the TV and find, launch and control content with Alexa. It has 4K resolution and supports HDR video in HDR10 and HLG formats, and the 65-inch and 75-inch models also support Dolby Vision. In addition, the Fire TV Omni is the first smart TV with built-in Zoom, which will be launched later this year. If you are interested in this feature, be sure to note that the required USB webcam accessories are sold separately.


The Omni series takes smart TV to a new level. With built-in microphones, Alexa will respond to voice commands, making streaming features easier to use than a traditional remote control. In addition, Alexa has a few new tricks up its sleeve, including a voice-driven recommendation machine, where Alexa tailors suggestions across apps, asks questions, and helps you narrow down choices by actor, genre, and more. Right now, you can grab it for the same price as a 43-inch.

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