An Israeli woman mocks normalization with the UAE with the song “If all Arabs are like Dubai”

An Israeli woman mocks normalization with the UAE with a song

The Israeli comedian Noam Schuster mocked the Israeli-Arab normalization, especially with the UAE, through a song that said that Israel got the money from Arabs and made them forget the Palestinian cause.

The artist mocked normalization, saying in her song that she was mostly performed in Arabic and broadcast on the Israeli “Kan” channel: “At the end of the tunnel is light … If all Arabs are like Dubai. .. they love (Israel lives) … they would not throw water at us … There is no way.

In the song by the artist known for her hostility to the occupation, they said: “They said that Israel stays from pain to water .. (Dubai, Dubai, Dubai). ..And like Dubai, they forget that Gaza is besieging us..if all Arabs are like Dubai. “

Schuster had previously expressed solidarity with the people of the Sheikh Jarrah district in occupied Jerusalem, and wrote on her Twitter page: “I am an Israeli Jew, and my heart is with Sheikh Jarrah and the people of Gaza. The only solution is the end of the brutal occupation. “

Schuster is an activist in the field of rights and demands an end to the occupation and has participated in international conferences.

Source: UAE 71

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