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Google Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint sensor icon
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Prior to the release of Google’s Pixel 6, several leaks suggested that Face Unlock would make a comeback to Pixel devices when they were released after Pixel 4, but it never came to anything. However, the latest Android 12L beta suggests that Google may be ready to bring it back to select Pixel phones.

Thanks to Pixel 4’s built-in Soli sensor cameras across the screen, Google dropped fingerprint authentication and added Face Unlock. Now, new phones do not have that sensor, which is why Google continued to use fingerprint sensors instead of Face Unlock.

However, according to 9to5Google, digging around in the Android 12L beta, there are several changed text lines in the settings menu and camera software strings in the unreleased Android building, strongly suggesting that Face Unlock is coming to the Pixel 6 Pro and potentially future Pixel phones. That said, the report says only Google’s advanced Pro model will get Face Unlock.

Google Pixel 4's face lock feature.
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It is worth mentioning that the Pixel 6 Pro does not have any special hardware for face lock, like Apple’s FaceID, nor does it have crazy Soli sensors at the top of the screen like the Pixel 4. Instead, it is nothing more than a front-facing camera , which is not so safe when using Face Unlock.

In the Android 12L beta, Face Unlock for Pixel 6 Pro is listed as “experimental”, so there’s still a chance Google will never add it, but it’s definitely interesting to watch.

It’s possible that the addition of Google’s Tensor processor will give the company more opportunities to improve features and keep them secure. If so, we could see Face Unlock make a comeback or arrive in future devices like the Pixel 7 with Google’s 2nd Gen Tensor chip. Either way, we have to wait and see.

via 9to5Google

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