Apple is hit by its second fine by Italian authorities in a week

Apple and Google have each been fined € 10 million (about $ 11.3 million) by the Italian competition authority for failing to obtain a user’s consent correctly before using their data for commercial purposes, AGCM has announced. Both are accused of not informing users correctly about when their data will be used in this way, preventing customers from being able to give their informed consent.

This is the second time that Apple this week has been fined by the Italian regulator after it and Amazon were hit on Tuesday with fines of over 200 million euros (about 225 million dollars) for restricting who may sell Apple and Beats products in Amazon’s Italian store. . A 2018 agreement between the two companies meant that only certain retailers are allowed to sell the products on, the regulator said, adding that this violated EU competition rules. Along with the fine, both companies were told to end the restrictions.

It told both Apple and Amazon Reuters that they plan to appeal Tuesday’s fines. Apple said agreements like these are in place to guarantee that customers buy genuine products. Amazon called the fine “disproportionate and unjustified” and added that its agreement with Apple benefits Italian customers who “can find the latest Apple and Beats products in our store” and who “benefit from a catalog that is more than doubled, with better deals and faster shipping. ”

Apple and Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the latest fine, but a € 10 million fine is unlikely to even be recorded on any of the companies’ balance sheets. Apple recently reported making $ 83.4 billion in revenue last quarter, while Google earned $ 65.1 billion.

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