Apple makes it easier to delete accounts linked to third-party apps

Apple will require that developers who offer a way to create accounts in their apps also offer a way to delete them, starting with app submissions on January 31, 2022, which the company shared on Wednesday. The account deletion requirement was originally announced along with several other changes to Apple’s Developer Guidelines at WWDC 2021.

Account deletion is a minor convenience, but considering how often apps require accounts and how easy it is to delete an app without ending your relationship with the company associated with it, it’s welcome. Apple’s announcement only suggests that developers “allow users to start deleting their account from within the app”, so implementing these account deletion features may bump into a browser during part of the process.

Apple has also confirmed the introduction of its more prominent app reporting tool, which was spotted on iOS a few days ago. The company says that the “Report a problem” button is available on iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and also macOS Monterey when it is released. The button allows users to report scams or offensive, offensive and illegal content – even for apps they have not purchased.

Apple has made other recent tweaks to the App Store – such as allowing the company’s own apps to be reviewed – but for a full look at all the changes the company has made to the store over time, check out our article running them down.

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