Apple updates iOS 15 to fix iPhone 13s Apple Watch unlock error

Apple’s iPhone 13 series was just launched last week, but some users encountered a frustrating problem where they could not use their Apple Watch to unlock their new phones while wearing a face mask. The company had promised that a fix was on the way, and it appeared earlier this week in an iOS 15.1 beta, but now the fix is ‚Äč‚Äčlive for everyone as part of the iOS 15.0.1 release.

Apple’s official patch notes also say the update includes other bug fixes, but the company did not specify what it might be. The update clocks in at 553.7 MB on my iPhone 12 Mini.

Here are Apple’s update notes for iOS 15.0.1, taken from my iPhone 12 Mini.

Apple added the ability to use your Apple Watch to unlock a Face ID-equipped phone while wearing a mask in April, and it has proven to be a handy feature as masks are still recommended in many situations due to of the pandemic. With this new software update, it seems that iPhone 13 users who were affected by the bug that stopped the feature from working will be able to take advantage of the convenient locks once again.

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