Apple will now require employees to submit proof of COVID-19 boostershot

Apple is now demanding that store and business employees get a COVID-19 booster shot, the company announced in an internal email seen by The edge.

Once an employee is eligible to receive a booster shot, they have four weeks to comply, otherwise they must take frequent tests to enter a retail store, partner store, or Apple office starting Feb. 15. Apple will require unvaccinated employees – or those who have not yet submitted evidence of vaccination – to give negative COVID-19 rapid antigen tests before entering the workplace starting January 24, although it is unclear if this is the case. both for companies and retailers.

“Due to the declining efficacy of the primary line of COVID-19 vaccines and the emergence of highly transmissible variants such as Omicron, a booster shot is now part of keeping you up to date with your COVID-19 vaccination to protect against serious illness, “Apple states in the note.

Last year, Apple asked unvaccinated company employees to take daily tests before entering the office, where unvaccinated retail workers test twice a week. The company also began requiring vaccinated individuals to take COVID-19 tests once a week, and later lowered the frequency of these tests. However, it appears that Apple’s “rare” test policy no longer applies to employees who do not receive booster shots before Apple’s deadline.

Earlier this week, Meta said employees will need to get a COVID-19 booster shot ahead of the company’s return to office work in March. Although Google has not yet imposed booster shots on the entire company, it requires employees to have the first two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine as well as take weekly molecular tests.

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