AT & T’s Warp Speed ​​Worm is the AR version of Snake that the world did not need

AT&T has rethought the classic Snake game in a new, interactive and completely unnecessary way in an attempt to advance the capabilities of its 5G network. Called Warp Speed ​​Worm, it’s an AR effect that can be used on Instagram and Facebook Messenger video calls.

Snake was obviously the favorite game on your early Nokia phone. Or, depending on your age and general level of apathy toward high school math, you may recognize it as the game you played on your TI-83 handheld while learning about coefficients. Not that I know anyone who would do that.

In any case, this is the latest addition to the big Snake game genre is an AR filter where the titular worm is controlled by your head movements. You can play with friends, which AT&T would like you to do on their 5G network, or you can be a total doofus and play on your own using the camera in the Instagram app.

It’s a little cute – you tilt your head left or right to get the worm to pick up small game controller icons. As you may remember from AP Calculus, the more the worm eats, the longer it stays. When the worm inevitably eats itself, the game is over and a sad little dead worm crown appears on your head.

I tried the game alone after struggling to understand how to save and use an AR group effect on an Instagram video call. I admit that I missed the physical controls on my calculator and that my throat creaks alarmingly high when I tilt it repeatedly. I also can not comment on how the AT&T 5G would have improved the experience – it worked fine on my Wi-Fi at home.

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