Bag a large air freezer for only $ 40 right now (save $ 60)

Bag a large air freezer for only $ 40 right now (save $ 60)

Bag a large air freezer for only $ 40 right now (save $ 60)


I have become very nice with mine air freezer lately. I use it several times a week to make quick, frozen snacks or to reheat leftover pizza as well as incredibly light dinners from scratch like crispy chicken thighs along with even crispier potatoes. The best part? When I’m done, a simple rinse of the nonstick cooking basket is all about the cleanup that is.

If you have cooking in front of you, you may want to consider packing this5-quart Insignia air freezer while marked for $ 40 at Best Buy (usually $ 100). If you have spotted one of these trendy ovens, it is about as cheap as you will find a fryer of this size.

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If you do not know them, the fryer uses “super convection cooking” – really hot air that moves quickly – to mimic the results of regular frying, but without all the oil. For certain foods like wings and steak fritters, you may want a light coating of vegetable or rapeseed oil, but we’re still talking far fewer calories than traditionally fried foods. And you get a fraction of the mess with deep frying or even casserole.

I tested a large number of fryer earlier in the year, and although I have not gotten hold of this one yet, it gets very high marks in almost 2,000 purchase reviews. Insignia is a budget brand, but I have found that most devices are usable or better. If you’re looking for a more premium model, check out CNET’s list best fryer for 2021. Or go bigger and review our list of best convection ovens with table function.

This Insignia oven comes free of charge, or you can pick up free pick-up at the store and grab the waiting stock at your local Best Buy later today.

First published last year. Updated with the latest deal.

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