Best Black Friday AirPods Deals: $ 159 AirPods Pro at Walmart soon, but you missed out on $ 89 AirPods 2

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The first major AirPods deal Black Friday is over, but a better one is on the way. AirPods 2 was down to a record low of $ 89 at Walmart from November 10 to 14, but now that deal is over. But soon Walmart is set to begin selling on AirPods Pro for $ 159. Meanwhile, several retailers already have AirPods Max for sale for $ 50 to $ 70 off – but we’ve also seen better prices there.

There are a lot of models in Apple’s AirPods range, so let’s break it down for you quickly so you know which ones to look for deals on.

  • That AirPods Pro ($ 249 list, often for sale for $ 190 or less) still exist, but they now include the same MagSafe-compatible case (if you buy the right one). The Pro models offer full noise isolation (via earplugs) and active noise reduction, none of which are available in the standard AirPods models. Walmart will offer these from Nov. 22 for $ 159, and other retailers are likely to match.
  • That second generation of AirPods (aka AirPods 2) are entry-level models in Apple’s range now, and we’ve already seen Walmart drop them to $ 89 for Black Friday. This deal ended on November 14, and it is unclear whether we will see this price back or not.
  • That AirPods 3 was released in October (along with new MacBook Pros). The new $ 200 genuine wireless headphones include a MagSafe-compatible case and wireless charging, and they offer better sound quality than the older ones AirPods 2 (see above).
  • That Beats Fit Pro was unveiled a few days after the AirPods 3 was released. Like the AirPods Pro, the $ 200 Fit Pro offers an insulating design, active noise reduction and waterproofing. But they also add a stabilizing fin built into the design, making them better for active use by some.
  • That AirPods MaxApple’s full-end high-end headphones released in late 2020 are still in the range, but are often on sale for closer to $ 449, as opposed to the official Apple Store price of $ 549. It looks like Black Friday prices will be at $ 479 from what we’ve seen so far, even though Costco currently has them. for sale for $ 440 (but you must be a member to purchase them).

Long story short, Apple now has three sets of genuine wireless headphones competing in the $ 180 to $ 200 range, plus an older entry-level AirPods model that will sell for as low as $ 89 ahead of Black Friday. Apart from these baseline AirPods, all the others mentioned above are compatible with Apple’s new ones spatial sound functions, but none of them will deliver the maximum quality of Apple’s upcoming lossless audio format, which is too rich to handle the current Bluetooth wireless standard.

AirPods Awards 2021


Apple Store price

Best price right now

Best price ever

AirPods 2

$ 129

$ 119

$ 89

AirPods Pro 2021

249 USD

$ 190

$ 159 (soon)

AirPods 3

$ 179

$ 175

$ 175

Beats Fit Pro

199 USD

199 USD

199 USD

AirPods Max

549 USD

$ 440

$ 429

We update this story frequently to reflect current prices.

In 2020, entry-level AirPods reached $ 99 during Black Friday sales at Walmart. This year, Walmart raised the bar by selling them for $ 89, a record low. After November 14, however, prices have returned to $ 119. It is unclear whether we will see them return to previous lows or not.

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The latest 2021 AirPods deliver better sound quality than their predecessors, while retaining an open design. Because they are brand new, we have not yet seen any serious discounts. Read our review of AirPods 3.

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Apple’s AirPods Pro was briefly as low as $ 169 at Walmart and $ 170 at Amazon for Black Friday 2020. Recently, the wireless headphones have pinged between $ 180 and $ 200. Right now, the new model – with the MagSafe case – is available for $ 190 at Walmart. Walmart’s official Black Friday announcement shows that the AirPods Pro will drop to $ 159 on November 22, a new record low.

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The latest Beats headphones are not AirPods, but – apart from the lack of a wireless charging case – they pack pretty much most of the features found on the AirPods Pro into a more sporty design, available in more colors. You should definitely check these out before buying AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro for almost the same price. Read our Beats Fit Pro review.

David Carnoy / CNET

Apple’s first full-size headphones are packed with advanced features such as noise reduction, spatial sound and easy integration with Apple devices. Yes, paying about the same as you would for a PS5 may sound crazy, but here it’s more crazy: They’re actually a bit worth it, as long as you do not feel burned by their lack of lossless audio support. From the beginning of November, prices have dropped to as low as $ 430 on certain colors. Lately, they have hovered around $ 480.

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