Best Cheap AirPods Deals for October 2021

Best Cheap AirPods Deals for October 2021

Apple’s AirPods are among the most popular headphones on the market. Both AirPods and AirPods Pro are compact, easy to pair with your devices and offer reliable connectivity, which is not always the case with even the best true wireless earphones. The AirPods Max, the latest pair of headphones to join the AirPods series, are just as reliable, albeit at a higher price and larger size.

Updated versions of AirPods were a no-show at Apple’s iPhone 13 event last month, but Apple recently launched a firmware update to bring Conversation Boost to AirPods Pro. An earlier software update also extended the Find My integration on AirPods Pro and Max, allowing you to find your misplaced headphones if they are within Bluetooth range on another Apple device (whether yours or someone else’s).

The absence of third generation AirPods can be a little disappointing, but if you are in the market for a pair of AirPods right now, you can still find regular discounts on all the latest models. There are often significant sales on the second generation of AirPods as well as the more expensive AirPods Pro and Max, which offer noise reduction and better sound quality than the standard model.

Here we review the best deals on AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. We also include options for AirPods with wireless charging case if that is something you prefer.

The best AirPods deals

AirPods are Apple’s entry-level wireless earphones. They are a reliable pair with a one-size-fits-most design. They usually sell for $ 160, which is not a bad price, but this model often gets a discount. Right now, for example, you can find Apple’s most affordable pair of AirPods for $ 109 at Amazon and Walmart or for $ 130 at Target and Best Buy.

Apple AirPods

AirPods is Apple’s second generation of genuine wireless earphones and the cheapest model in the current AirPods series.

AirPods with a wireless charging case are in every way identical to standard second-generation AirPods, except for one thing: their case can be charged via the included Lightning cable or a wireless Qi-pad.

You will need to supply your own wireless charger to take advantage of this feature, but fortunately chargers like Anker’s PowerWave pad are now relatively inexpensive. However, if you do not need wireless charging, we recommend saving more and choosing the basic AirPods.

Most of the time, you can find this version for less than Apple’s sticky price of $ 199, but be on the lookout for deals that bring the price down to $ 150 or less. Right now you can get them for $ 129 at Amazon and Walmart, or $ 160 at Best Buy and Target.

Apple’s premium genuine wireless earphones, AirPods Pro, have better sound quality than the models above and offer noise reduction. They also come with interchangeable silicone tips and support Apple’s spatial sound feature, which adds an immersive surround sound effect to select content. They also recently received a firmware update that added Conversation Boost, an accessibility feature for the hard of hearing. We think they are the best wireless earphones that iPhone owners can buy, regardless of the price.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple’s flagship earbuds enhance the standard AirPods with better sound quality, excellent active noise reduction and immersive spatial sound.

Fortunately, AirPods Pro is often available for less than their asking price of $ 249 and sometimes drops to as low as $ 170. The lowest price you can get a pair for right now is $ 179 at Walmart and Amazon, or for $ 200 at Target.

AirPods Max is not the iconic in-ear style that has become synonymous with the AirPods name. They are large and luxurious, wrapped in aluminum, steel and mesh fabric that remain comfortable during longer listening sessions. They also have excellent noise reduction, Apple’s spatial sound function and wide, balanced sound, though they lag behind some of their peers when it comes to bass response. They’re not the best noise-canceling headphones for most people — blame the $ 550 sticker price — but it’s hard to find a pair of Bluetooth headphones that sound better and have more intuitive controls.

Apple AirPods Max

Apple’s AirPods Max has exemplary build quality, sound phenomenal and keeps pace with the best in noise reduction.

Although AirPods Max has previously been reduced to under $ 450 at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Simply Mac, there are currently few sales that are so deep to talk about. The best price right now comes from Adorama, where you can get a new pair of AirPods Max for $ 450. Max is currently also available in all colors in Amazon for $ 489, which is their typical selling price.

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