Best Sony Headphones for 2021

Sony makes a wide range of headphones, from budget models that cost less than $ 25, to advanced models that cost over $ 1,000. And they come in different styles whether you are looking for earphones, over-ear headphones, on-ear and more. Some have been around for years, while others like the best rated WF-1000XM4 earphones, has been released in the last year. Here’s a look at our current Sony headphone favorites. We update this list as new models arrive and older models are discontinued.

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Sony’s previous WH-1000XM3 model was amazing. But if it had a weakness, it was voice calling, especially in noisier environments. The WH-1000XM4 model has been enhanced in that area and also adds multipoint Bluetooth pairing so you can connect to two devices – such as your phone and PC – at the same time. This means that if a call comes in while you are using the headphones with your computer, the sound changes to your phone when you answer the call.

The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 probably still have a small edge for voice calls, but the 1000XM4 headphones are without a doubt a bit more comfortable and also have some other small improvements in noise reduction and sound that make this model a great choice everywhere. After launching at $ 350, they have regularly dropped to as low as $ 278, so look for them on sale.

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David Carnoy / CNET

Of course, no earphones are perfect, and not everyone will love the fit of the Sony WF-1000XM4 buttons or can afford their high price ($ 279). But if you are looking for earbuds with excellent sound with excellent noise reduction, solid voice dialing features and good battery life, these knobs will tick all the boxes. And unlike the previous WF-1000XM3, these are water-repellent with an IPX splash-proof rating.

Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds also have top noise and sound quality, but Sony is right there with Bose for noise reduction (and some might say it’s a bit better in that department), but Sony offers slightly better sound quality and also has a more compact design, especially for the case (although the Sony buttons are certainly not small).

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Sony’s new entry-level C500 earphones were released just a few weeks ago. Now they are already on sale in white at Amazon for $ 78 or $ 32 off their $ 100 list price for a limited time. They have been as low as $ 68 in a one-day flash sale.

While the C500’s design sensitivity has more in common with the high-end WF-1000XM4 than its predecessor, the WF-XB700 Extra Bass, the C500 is not a noise-canceling model and is pretty basic in terms of earphones, with no ear detection sensors or transparency mode. But the knobs are compact, light, sit comfortably and sound good for a beginner model. Read our Sony C500 first take.


The WH-CH710N is Sony’s beginner-level noise-canceling headphones. At their list price of $ 200, they are wildly overpriced, but much more convincing when it comes to sales, which they often do (look for them for less than $ 100 or ideally at $ 78, their latest low price). The set’s noise and noise reduction features are a big step below what you get with the WH-1000XM4, but these are generally competent headphones that are quite light and comfortable to wear. In other words, this pair is far from the best, but a great choice if you can not afford something advanced. No carrying case included.

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As for the WH-XB910N, this is the step-down model from the WH-1000XM4. It is an Extra Bass model, so it has a predominance of bass. I liked the previous version, the XB900N, and it was a decent deal when it went on sale for around $ 150. This updated version looks similar, but offers enhanced noise reduction and multipoint Bluetooth pairing, so you can pair it with your smartphone and computer at the same time. It also supports Sony’s LDAC audio codec.

Although improved, the noise reduction is not quite up to the level of the WH-1000XM4. And the WH-XB910N does not have any of the model’s additional features, such as Speak to Chat, wearing detection sensors and Sony’s Precise Voice Pickup technology. However, it has a quick attention mode that allows you to put your hand over the earcup to go from noise-reducing to an environmentally conscious transparency mode. Also this headphone now comes with a hard case like WH-1000XM4. Battery life is estimated at up to 30 hours at moderate volumes – that’s the same as you get from the WH-1000XM4.

Amazon had the blue version on sale for $ 138 during a recent one-day flash sale. These are a great bargain at that price, so try to pick them up when they come on offer again if they pique your interest.

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Introduced back in 1991, the Sony MDR-7506 has long been a favorite headphone among recording engineers and other audio professionals (yes, it’s wired headphones). The origins of its design go back even further, as the MDR-7506 headphones are in fact a refresh of the Sony MDR-V6, which rolled out in 1985. Both models are designed for the professional audio market, but remain hugely popular with consumers.

Although the two models have the same design and are very comfortable, they do not sound identical. Both offer very well-balanced sound and excellent clarity at their modest prices – and both are great overall values. But the MDR-V6 headphones make a little more bass and sound more laid-back and soft, while the 7506 headphones are slimmer with a more accentuated treble range, making the sound a little crisper and more lively. Read our review of the Sony MDR 7506.

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The Sony MDR-Z7M2 may not be the flagship of audiophile headphones in Sony’s lineup (it would be the MDR-Z1R), but it’s still a pretty sophisticated model that can be purchased for $ 900, but which has been on sale for just under $ 600. I reviewed the previous version of the Z7 (M2 at the end standard for the Mark 2, or second generation) and it sounded good and was also comfortable. To be clear, this is an audiophile headphone and sounds best with the right audio equipment, which can include a headphone amplifier or a portable music player in high resolution (note the Sony Walkman player, which is not included, in the picture).


If you are looking for a cheap on-ear wired headphone, the ZX series is as good a bid as any. It costs $ 10 – or $ 20 for the microphone version.

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