Black Friday Apple Watch Offer: Save $ 50 on a Watch SE starting Sunday

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It’s a period of change for the Apple Watch line right now. The new Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch is starting to ship to customers worldwide, while Series 6 has been officially discontinued to make room for it. If you’re looking for great deals, then the best we’re currently seeing at Amazon is where you can save up to $ 50 on Series 6 compared to Series 7. Slimmer savings are available for the new Series 7 as well as the midrange Apple Watch SE – and larger discounts are only a few days away.

ONE Black Friday price drop coming soon for Apple Watch SE at Staples – it will be the first big discount for Apple’s mid-range laptops. From Sunday 21 November you can save $ 50 on Apple Watch SE at Staples, which may mean that it will also be price matched by other retailers. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

Apple Watch models new and old are designed to work seamlessly with your iPhone to offer you many potential uses, from messaging notifications and better access to your music to tools that can help you get in shape and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Notice that See series 3 is also on offer right now, but it’s so old at this point that it’s hard to recommend.

We update this story as prices change and offers pop up or expire, so be sure to check back for the best prices.

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Series 7 has a larger screen with thinner frames, the promise of better durability and faster charging (but not better battery life than Series 6). There are also new color choices: blue, green, midnight (black), starlight (a gold-silver blend) and product red. Prices for the Series 7 start at $ 399 for the 41mm model and $ 429 for the 45mm model. The only discount we see for the 41mm model is a small price break of $ 9 for the green and product red versions.

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You can also save $ 9 on the larger, 45mm Series 7 in the Product Red version. That’s the only deal we’re looking for right now.

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Watch SE is the step-down model in Apple’s 2020 smartwatch line. It looks like the 2019 Series 5, but without the always on screen and ECG feature. The Watch SE starts at $ 279 and boasts a more powerful processor and a Retina display that is 30% larger than the one on the much older Series 3. Right now, the 40mm model with a blue ribbon is discounted at $ 9 at Amazon – the only discount we see for it right now. It’s not a big enough price break to prevent you from waiting for Staples’ sale, which starts on November 21 and runs through November 27, with the Apple Watch SE selling for $ 230.

Read our Apple Watch SE review.

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There are currently no discounts to be found on the larger 44mm Watch SE model, which is selling for its list price of $ 309 at Amazon, Walmart and other stores. It’s also back in stock in the Apple Store. You’ll be able to save $ 50 on the larger Watch SE at Staples from November 21st.


Series 6 has just been officially released by Apple to make room for the newer Series 7. But here’s the thing: Series 6 is still a great smartwatch, and it’s still available with a nice discount from official Apple retailers like Walmart and Amazon, as they clear out of existing inventory. In addition to an always-on monitor and ECG, the Series 6 monitors blood oxygen levels (though you should not expect medical-grade results there). You’ll find several significant savings on used Series 6 models on Amazon, but the biggest discount if you want to buy a new one is $ 50 off the Product Red model. Read our Apple Watch Series 6 review.

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The larger Apple Watch Series 6 is $ 50 off Walmart in several color options.

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