Christina Ricci tried to change to conform to Hollywood standards

“There was definitely a period where I didn’t fit into everything that was made.”

Everyone says thank you Yellowjackets for giving our Christina Ricci in (presumably) her strangest, most exciting role yet.

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The child star of the 90s – known for hit roles in favorite cult classics such as The Addams family en Casper – revealed in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times that there was a point in her career where she felt pressured to change herself to meet industry standards for female actors.

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“I’ve been doing this my whole life, so there’s nothing else I can really do. I’ve always felt that way,” the 41-year-old said when asked if she had ever thought of stepping back from acting. “But there was definitely a period where I didn’t fit into everything that was made.”

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She went on to say, “I was constantly asked if I should audition for rom-coms and the things that were available to actresses my age, and I did not fit into any of them because I do not know, I am just another kind of actress. “

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In case you are somehow unfamiliar with Christina’s work, the second line of her Wikipedia page literally reads that she is “known for playing unconventional characters with a dark edge.”

The mother of two shared that it was a “very difficult period of time. Unfortunately I did not have the presence of mind that young women have now. I tried very hard to change myself and make myself fit in. would be that kind of sharing and movies, and it just never worked. “

Which brings me back to …Yellowjackets, in which Christina plays the socially extinct-turned-sociopath Misty. “There would be discussions to make them more relatable, but I felt we were now in a time and place where you do not have to see yourself in character to be interested or even sympathize. It was difficult for me because I like to be fat, make very strong choices and kind of ride on the edge. “

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She added: “Sometimes it’s maybe too much. Finding that balance where people felt she was still ‘relatable’ while still being true to the character I wanted to play was difficult.”

Well, it looks like Christina and the Emmy she’s going to cinch this year will have the last laugh. And rightly so!

Go to the Times to read Christina’s full Q&A.

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