Comcast is speeding up the Gigabit Pro tier in California


Comcast is screwing up its Gigabit Pro plan in the California market.


Comcast says Xfinity Internet speeds are rising in California, with top uploads and downloads now set at 3 gigabits per second for the company’s highest and most expensive speed level, the $ 300 per month Gigabit Pro plan.

Previously tied with Google Fiber for the fastest residential internet speed plan at 2 Gbps, Comcast Xfinity now sees itself at the forefront among major US ISPs as a result of the 50% boost. Last November, Xfinity released a report showing that its average customer has 12 devices in the home and that high-end Xfinity users have as many as 30 or more. While it’s more speed than almost any household needs at the moment, the symmetrical speeds of a 3Gbps plan are as future-proof as it gets and will definitely help keep these devices running smoothly.

That said, the 3Gbps Gigabit Pro plan is not just available to all Xfinity customers in California. When we reached out to a Comcast spokesman, it was made clear that this will now be the national standard for Xfinity’s best residential plan.

According to data from the Federal Communications Commission from June 2020, Comcast can only boast 0.02% fiber availability across its national footprint. Admittedly, the data is more than a year old, but it still raises the question of how many Xfinity addresses are actually usable for the fiber Gigabit Pro plan?

The Comcast spokesman did not have the latest figures, but confirmed that a study of the site is still needed before it can be determined whether one’s address can be used for the Gigabit Pro plan.

One last splash of cold water: Unlike some ISPs that have no contracts, Xfinity requires Gigabit Pro customers to sign a $ 300-a-month minimum contract. If you cancel at any time before these 24 months have expired, you will have to pay early termination fees. Triple concert speeds may be here, but they will not be cheap.

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