Companies Engineering students around the world most want to work for, according to Universum

How the Universe found this location

Year after year, Universum has asked students what they are looking for in an employer and what companies they hope to hire. Universum published just these results as part of its 13th annual world’s most attractive employer report.

The report from the employer branding agency gives employers a sense of where students are interested in working and what they are looking for in an ideal employer.

Universum surveyed over 84,000 engineering students about who their top five employers they are interested in working for are. The survey for the world’s most attractive employer ranking was collected over several months, from September 2020 to May 2021.

This year, Universum decided to split technology and IT into two different locations. Students studied are from 10 of the world’s largest economies, and Universum weighted the results with their GDP. Universum notes “To be considered, companies must rank in the top 90% among the most attractive employers.”

Engineering students also said, according to Universum’s latest report, that just behind high future earnings, they are looking for innovative employers.

The above ranking and industry categories were shared with Insider from Universum. This year’s placement is available at Universum here together with the business and IT placement.

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