Cortana and Alexa are no longer on voice terms

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Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa have resigned when Microsoft dropped the Cortana-Alexa integration. In fact, the company dropped it in September 2021, and it took the Internet until November to notice.

If you tried to use Cortana Skill on an Alexa device, your voice assistant would probably have replied, “Sorry, Cortana Skill is no longer available.” Of course, since no one seems to have noticed that the integration was lacking, it was probably the few who heard Alexa say it.

“As of September 18, we decided to end the Cortana on Alexa experience as it previously existed and move our Cortana resources to focus on productivity in Microsoft 365,” a Microsoft spokesman told PCMag. We guess so few people used Cortana on Amazon Alexa devices that it just did not make sense for Microsoft to devote resources to it.

The integration between the two voice assistants started in 2017, when Microsoft and Amazon announced that the companies would work with each other to tie the two voice assistants together. The integration lasted about four years, which is probably more than anyone had expected.

Since Cortana is hardly part of the Windows 11 experience, it looks like Microsoft is moving on from the voice assistant. While Google Assistant and Alexa are clearly very popular, it does not appear that Microsoft Assistant gained the same popularity.

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