‘Criminal Minds Evolution’ Recap: Episode 1 — Update Garcia/Luke

The following contains spoilers from the first episode of Criminal Minds: Evolutionnow streaming exclusively on Paramount+.

Criminal Minds: Evolution debuted this Thanksgiving Day with a double helping of episodesfollowed by weekly releases.

The first episode began with a flashback to 2005, where a perpetrator dragged the last of many victims into a partially buried shipping container in Washington State – where he proceeded to torture/kill the man. Next, we jump-forward to 2022, where an intruder kidnapped a teenage daughter after she killed her parents in their sleep.

Criminal Minds Evolution TrailerDr. Tara Lewis gets a call when the shipping container is discovered by some kids and she takes stock of its gruesome contents. Prentiss, as section chief, can’t do much with Tara’s discovery, given FBI Deputy Director Bailey’s tendency to write it off as a cartel case. When Emily brings up the overworked BAU – especially given Reid and Simmons’ absence – Bailey remarks, “Sorry, I’m not free to discuss their assignments.” Whether and when they return is entirely up to them. Unfortunately we have nothing to say.”

Rossi was head of the BAU unit, though he had been “obsessed” with an offender who had been dubbed the “Family Destroyer” for the past year, working cases in Virginia and now Maryland. Amid some brief exchanges between him and Luke, and then him and Garcia, it’s Rossi who’s been dealing (or not) with a major loss for “almost a year.” And while it’s never stated outright in Episode 1, memories he flashes back late in the episode strongly suggest that his wife Krystall died.

Criminal Minds Revival PhotosAs for the rest of the agents we know of, Luke is basically holding what’s left of the actual BAU fortress, where Prentiss’ old office now doubles as a training room; JJ comes home late (and brings work with it), though she does find time to marvel at son Henry’s first girlfriend. And Penelope Garcia…? We will….

She, of course, announced her decision to leave the BAU on the CBS series finale, and she’s banned “24-hour news” and “doom-scrolling” ever since. Four people were hired and didn’t do her job, but the latest twist in Rossi’s investigation requires her to be savvy with computers, especially since the social media site in question is one Garcia has hacked-proofed. So Luke is sent to ask/beg her to take a look “behind the curtain” and see what she can find to connect the two teenage victims.

And with Luke’s arrival at Garcia’s door, a dangling thread from Criminal ghostsCBS finale is lightly tackled.

If the pandemic may have clouded your memory of the show’s farewell in February 2020, Luke had asked Penelope to dinner, and she gladly accepted. So… how did that go?

One of Garcia’s girlfriends was apparently also curious and whispered something in her ear after handsome Luke crashed their Anglophile baking party.

“It was a dinner, three years ago,’ Penelope said to her friend. “We thrive but as enemies.”

But is that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Or is there more to the story?

“How do I explain this…?” said Kirsten Vangsness when TVLine inquired about the Garcia/Alvez update. “Guys, it’s going to take a while to explain the ‘One date, three years ago’. You’re going to get some satisfaction.

“But among that satisfaction,’ she admitted excitedly, ‘there’s something quite different – ​​there’s a lot other satisfaction – that no one, including me, would have called.

“And it is timeVangsness claimed cryptically. “Thanks television, that’s it time to make this happen. No one will be sad. You’ll think, ‘Aww, man…’, and then, ‘Wait, what?’ And that’s the most I can tell you about it.”

What were you thinking Evolution‘s premiere, Reid and Simmons’ mysterious assignment, and the ‘satisfaction’ promised by Vangsness?

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