Days of Our Lives Preview: Ava and Susan’s car drives off a cliff

It’s Thanksgiving, but not everyone makes it to dinner.

In a Days of our lives Looking ahead for the week of November 21-25, there will be some awkward Thanksgiving dinners in Salem this year. Read what’s happening and watch the preview below.

Kate remarks to Jada, “Thanksgivings are always awkward.” Do you think Kate? Nicole just dumped her husband Rafe because she finally realized she wanted to be with Eric, and he wanted to be with her. The problem? Jada discovered she was carrying Eric’s child!

In a taste of things to come, Jada lashes out at Nicole, saying she’s pregnant with Eric’s baby. Kate, on the other hand, thinks Jada should fight for Eric.

Eric confides in his dad that he’s always wanted to have kids, and the promo reveals that he’s about to propose to Jada! In another scene, Nicole asks Jada if she ever considered how this would affect her career. Was Nicole trying to convince Jada that she has options? Whatever she alludes to, an angry Jada demands she leave her room!

For whatever reason, Nicole and Rafe get together for Thanksgiving dinner with Li and Gabi. Nicole makes a pie in the kitchen while Rafe chops vegetables. The tension is so thick in the scene that Rafe could cut it with his knife! Later, Rafe dumps the pie in the trash and Li exclaims, “Wait, there’s no pie?”

Susan and Bonnie found them tied up for the holidays, literally, when Ava kidnapped and held them for ransom along with Tripp. EJ agreed to pay the money to save his mother. However, Ava, who has been talking to her dead son Charlie, may have other plans as Charlie proposes to punish EJ by killing Susan! Next week, EJ pursues Ava in a high-speed chase. Finally, a car goes over the cliff and explodes! Which car is it? And where is Susan in all this? In a previous preview of this crashSusan was in the backseat of a car!

Before you go, check out this gallery featuring Days of our lives stars in honor of John Aniston.

Video: Days of our lives/YouTube

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