DirecTV Stream and satellite TV will raise their prices next month

DirecTV’s satellite and streaming services will see price increases in January – increases that the company attributed to rising programming costs as well as “higher than normal inflation across our providers.”

From 23 January next year, customers from both groups are likely to see their bills increase – however, specifically how much will depend on the service. Most of DirecTV’s satellite customers will see their monthly costs increase anywhere between $ 1 and $ 10, depending on which package they pay for.

In addition, the cost of the regional sports network will be determined by zip code. While this means that some customers may see a monthly increase of $ 2 more per month, others will see a decrease and some customers will not see any change at all when the new pricing takes effect. (Customers can check their ZIP on the DirecTV page to see their monthly RSN fee.)

Stream customers, meanwhile, will also see a price increase on many for most Stream packages. Price increases per. month will range from $ 4 more to $ 10 more, depending on the plan. The changes will affect many DirecTV Stream users, even if they were grandparents in their plan.

In messages to its DirecTV and Stream customers obtained by The edge, the company said that the decision to raise prices would be made “despite our efforts to absorb some of these costs.”

“While competitors continue to shrink their offerings, your DirecTV team maintains a firm commitment to carrying the industry’s most robust and unrivaled channel selection. [sic] leadership in premium sports and news content, ”the company wrote. “In addition, we continue to invest in providing better customer service, releasing new technology upgrades that will improve our signal reliability, and launching enhanced features. We also provide greater flexibility to see what you want when you want it, from virtually anywhere in the United States. “

Everyone on promotional discounts will continue to be billed at their current price until the end of the promotional period, at which point the new price will be reflected on their bill.

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