East Bay schools put a lot of pressure on students to test staff – CBS San Francisco

OAKLAND (KPIX) – A major effort is underway to test Bay Area students for COVID before returning to school on Monday.

Oakland Unified and West Contra Costa County Unified school districts tested and handed out test kits to students Sunday.

At the Fremont High School test site in Oakland, parents and students said the average waiting time was about four hours and the line ran nearly three blocks.

“It was a very cold morning, but definitely worth it,” said parent Mario Carrasco.

The test is recommended but is not mandatory in both districts.

“It’s important that COVID does not spread anymore, so that it does not get worse at school and we should start Zoom. That would be much worse, “said Oakland student Gabriela Carrasco.

Oakland Unified spokesman John Sasaki said that in addition to the test site, they also passed 41,000 tests at home to students before the winter break.

“We do not want to prevent large spikes on campus, so we want people to test before they return,” Sasaki told KPIX.

In West Contra Costa County, students were able to pick up the tests at two schools on Sunday: Kennedy High and Pinole Valley High.

“It’s just a little bit about going back to school,” said Isaac Vanpell, senior at Richmond High.

Vanpell said the long line and the high demand from fellow students was a good sign.

“It’s a team effort, because once someone is infected, right ?, everyone is sensitive. They go home to their families. I go back to my family,” Vanpell said.

Teachers agree that it will take the whole community to keep the schools safe.

“It’s just a little peace of mind so we can all feel safe back in class. I want to feel safe back in class. I have an older man,” said Lisa Weaver, a teacher at Washington Elementary in Point Richmond.

“We have made it available. We have offered it to you in good faith. We will believe that tomorrow people, even staff, we will come back and we all know we are negative,” said Kennedy High Teacher Miesha Gash.


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