Elon Musk says the United States should ‘get rid of all’ state aid

Elon Musk said Monday at Wall Street Journal CEO summit that he does not believe the United States needs the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill – or any state aid, for that matter. “Just delete them all,” he said.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO said during the interview that he is concerned about the federal deficit. “We’ve spent so much money … the federal budget deficit is insane,” he said.

“I would say … can the whole bill. Do not pass it, that is my recommendation, “said Musk.

Musk pointed out that Tesla has been selling its electric cars for more than a year in the United States without the $ 7,500 federal tax deduction, without being hit by demand. Most other automakers, with the exception of General Motors, are still eligible for the credit.

The Build Back Better section of Biden’s infrastructure plan currently includes a provision to extend this credit and add another subsidy to electric vehicles manufactured by union labor forces, though it still needs to get through the Senate. Musk has mocked union-focused credit in recent months, calling Biden a “puppet” of United Auto Workers.

Musk also said he does not believe the U.S. government should provide subsidies to expand the charging infrastructure – even though that provision is in the Infrastructure Act, which Biden has already signed into law.

Do we need support for petrol stations? We do not. So there is no need for this, ”Musk said.

Tesla currently operates more than 3,000 charging stations with about 30,000 connectors worldwide, but plans to open this network to other electric vehicles sometime in the near future.

Musk’s companies have benefited from many different federal and state subsidies over the years, and the government is a major SpaceX customer (though SpaceX won much of that business by dramatically undercutting the prices of established players). Tesla has also found huge success in China after receiving lots of help from the central government there. Musk said Monday that Tesla “did not anticipate any subsidies” as the company was in its early years.

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