Employees claim Blue Origin is toxic, raising safety issues

A group of more than 20 current and former employees accuse Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin of being a toxic work environment and not following the correct safety protocols

The workers claim in an essay that there is sexism in the company Kent, Washington. The staff, led by former Blue Origin chief communications officer Alexandra Abrams, states that “several managers have been known to be consistently inappropriate towards women.” They also claim that many business leaders were “unapproachable” and showed clear biases towards women.

The group said company leaders last year seemed impatient with the New Shepard rocket’s schedule for a few flights a year, instead of having more than 40. “Some of us felt that with the resources and staff available, the leadership’s race to starting at such tremendous speed seriously compromised flight safety, “they said.

Blue Origin said in a statement that it has no tolerance for harassment or discrimination and that it stands by its safety record. The company said it believes “the New Shepard is the safest spacecraft ever designed or built.”


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