Entry-Level Jobs that pay well and are expected to grow over the decade

How we ranked the above professions

For job seekers who have just begun their careers, the above list of jobs can be a good start in finding a promising first job. These jobs do not require any previous related work experience, pay relatively well and are expected to see some form of job growth from 2020 to 2030.

To find entry-level jobs that are expected to grow over the decade and make at least the average annual salary, Insider used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS has the typically necessary education and work experience for various professions.

We filtered out jobs earning below the annual median salary in 2020 of $ 41,950 and are not expected to see job growth over the decade. Because we wanted to look at professions that could be considered beginner level, we only looked at professions without “professional experience in a related profession.”

We then ranked the industries by their expected employment growth between 2020 and 2030 using BLS ‘latest job projections.

Based on our methodology, “software developers and analysts and testers for software quality assurance” occupy the top position of jobs that do not require previous work experience and are expected to grow. This profession, which typically earns six figures a year, is expected to see large job growth of 409,500.

It is important to note that the base year for the projections is 2020, the year in which the coronavirus pandemic was officially declared and in which the United States experienced massive job losses as a result of the pandemic. Some industries are expected to see above-average cyclical recovery and strong job growth over the decade as the United States continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic on employment.

“Many industries are expected to experience cyclical recovery in the earlier part of the projection decade as industry production and employment normalize and return to their long-term growth patterns,” the BLS wrote in a press release. “Expected robust growth for industries where employment fell in 2020 is also expected to result in strong growth for the industries employed by these industries.”

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