Epic Games Store finally gets results

Epic Games Store finally gets results

Epic game performance
Epic games

In the battle between Epic Games and Steam, Epic finally adds a feature that brings it closer to Valve’s offering – the Epic Games Store gets results. So now the company will adequately reward the cool things you do in your games.

The platform performance system is not yet launched as Epic says it will be available to gamers next week.

In a frequently asked question, Epic pointed out that the platform already had a feature called “Developer Achievements”, which was managed by each game developer and did not provide a platform-wide score like Xbox, PlayStation and Steam. These achievements will still exist for developers who choose not to interact with Epic’s system.

With Epic’s new performance system, the company says it will bring “additional benefits to players and bring them more in line with performance systems on other platforms.” For example, it will have profile levels that track your overall progress through various games on the Epics platform.

Currently, the playlist includes Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kena, Zombie Army 4 and Alan Wake Remastered. As for future games, the company says, “We expect this new system to roll out to all developers in the Epic Games Store in the coming months.” This means that more developers will be able to integrate results into their games in the future.

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