Epson launches an affordable 1080p smart projector – Review Geek

Epson 880X 3LCD 1080p smart portable projector on a white background

There is something special about projectors that television just cannot replicate. But you do not have to spend thousands just to get a theatrical setup in your living room, because Epson’s new smart projector costs only $ 630.

The new Epson 880X projects 1080p images at 3,300 lumens – it’s bright enough for daytime use if you don’t mind reduced brightness. It also uses 3LCD color enhancement technology to prevent video from looking washed out, and it supports screen sizes up to 300 inches.

Two people playing games on Epson 880X 3LCD 1080p Smart Portable Projector

For media consumption, the Epson 880X has a single HDMI port. It’s a bit of a disappointment, but to be fair, it has built – in Android TV and supports the Chromecast protocol. There’s also a 3.5mm audio output for external speakers and headphones – an important component that Epson omitted from some of its previous projectors.

At just $ 660, the Epson 880X is by far one of the most affordable 1080p projectors available today. It is also a cost effective alternative to buying a solid TV. Just keep in mind that this projector for that matter will not be as practical as a premium projector or even a cheap TV. The limited port choice and lack of HDMI ARC for external speakers are two major overrides that you will have to get around.

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