Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down: Funniest memes and jokes

How are you talking about Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are down when you can not talk about the interruption on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram? Many people turned to Twitter when the three properties owned by Facebook were suspended on Monday.

Squid Game memes

The South Korean series Octopus game has become one huge hit, so of course many of the memes played out the show. Squid Game is about people in desperate financial difficulties who go into a deadly tournament with children’s games to try to win big money. Some memes showed the participants responding to the interruption.

A tweet from Netflix showed a contestant, tagged as Twitter, holding back a contestant tagged “Everyone” – in the show, that gesture saves the life of the first contestant.

And another showed the business card to people who were invited to play in the deadly Squid Game tournament, with the text “WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have all gone down. It’s time, everyone.”

Is it just me?

Non-Squid Game memes were also plentiful. Some memes played off users’ initial confusion as to whether the pages were down for everyone, or just them.

Twitter saves the day?

And some memes were about how Twitter became the only place users could turn to and blabber on about the outage.

Even Twitter’s official account came in on the joke and tweeted, “Hi literally everyone.”

“Since FB and IG are down, Twitter Party y’all !!!!!!” wrote a person.

Another played the “emergency meeting” part of the game Among Us and wrote, “Everyone has an emergency meeting on Twitter right now that FB and IG are down.”

Here come the brands

Twitter was not the only official corporate website that jumped in on the jokes. And while brands may fall flat when trying to get humor, some of the jokes that were disconnected from company accounts were pretty funny.

“Gen Z is manning all those tech plat twitter actions, and it’s hysterical,” one person wrote. “Best Thread 2021.”

PBS followed up on Twitter’s tweet to welcome everyone to its platform by quoting the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood song.

The band Metallica tuned in with “HEYYYYYY-AHHH!”

The Twitter account for The Sims game responded with Simlish for hello – “sul sul.”

And the Guinness Book of World Records account noted that “the record for most people on Twitter at once has probably been smashed now.”

Starbucks, of course, suggested that the break was the “perfect time for a coffee break.”

And the Cup Noodles Twitter account (yes, there is one) had a very on-brand, all-caps response: “HI TWITTER !!! TECHNOLOGY IS A FUN THING !!! THAT’S WHY WE HAVE STICKED TO NOODLES !!!”

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