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Someone who plays with the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

Back in 2017, Facebook began work on a bespoke OS for VR and AR hardware. This operating system was supposed to reduce Facebook’s dependence on other software companies, especially Google and Apple, which repeatedly threaten Facebook’s business model. But a report of The information states that Facebook is giving up and sticking to Android.

The Facebook company, now officially called Meta, has undergone a lot of changes over the last year. Most of these changes are centered around the pressure of a “Metaverse” that will use portable devices, AR glasses and VR headsets to combine the Internet with real life. (As if the two are not already intertwined – that’s a different story.)

Whatever you think of Metaverse, it presents a wonderful business opportunity for Facebook. It is a completely new technological landscape that, like personal computers in the 80s or smartphones in the mid-2000s, still lacks a solid foundation. Facebook could build that foundation and become Microsoft, Google or Apple by VR and AR.

But it will be very difficult to build that foundation without a bespoke OS, which is why today’s news is so strange. Mark Zuckerberg hinted that the operating system, internally called XROS, was “pretty far ahead” in 2021 – so why kill it?

Well, maybe XROS is a bad thing. It is always an option. But a more likely explanation is that Facebook just does not believe that a bespoke operating system is worth the hassle anymore … because Google is working on one now.

XROS development manager Mark Lucovsky recently quit his job at Facebook after a series of mitigating internal leaks and congressional hearings. He was hired almost immediately by Google and is now developing Google’s operating system for VR and AR devices. Like Android, this new operating system can be open source, meaning any business or small developer can use it for their products.

Of course, I’m just wondering here. Facebook has not explained its decision to drop XROS, and we do not know if Google’s VR / AR OS will be open source or not. In addition, Facebook has not confirmed whether it has shut down XROS development; we simply trust Information sources.

Source: The information

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