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Good morning from Maine, where it’s still dark while I write this blog post. In fact, it will be dark for at least an hour more. The late sunrise is the only thing I do not like at this time of year in Maine. Aside from the large oak tree in my front yard, all the leaves on the trees have changed color, temperatures are a comfortable range of 50-60F, and there is plenty of fun outside. We have to play in the big piles of leaves in our yard today. I hope you do something fun today too.

As I do every week, I have compiled a list of the week’s most popular posts. Take a look and see if there is anything interesting you missed earlier in the week.

These were the most popular posts of the week:

1. An overview of Google Forms Quiz options
2. Samsung Solve for Tomorrow – A Fantastic STEM Competition for Students!
3. Life on minimum wage – A game for personal finance
4. Ten proficiency students can learn from Google’s digital skills lessons
5. UN explained to children
6. Gary Paulsen talks about reading and writing
7. I’m Feeling Lucky – A Google Earth Lesson

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