Free technology for teachers: Taskade

is a flexible, collaborative project planning and task management tool. What I appreciate about Taskade is that it can be used for things that are as simple as a daily, personal to-do list, or as complex as collaborating on planning a year-long study program to write the syllabus.

Like many task management tools, Taskade allows you to create lists, share those lists, and check list items when they are completed. You can do this with a lot of other task management tools. What makes Taskade different is the list of additional features that can be used in Taskade mobile apps and on the Taskade website. In this post, I will highlight the extra features that teachers and students can use to plan and manage projects with Taskade.

Project planning templates
Taskade offers four basic templates that you can use and modify to your heart’s content. These templates are “weekly planner”, “meeting agenda”, “project board” and “mind map”. But you can also create a template from scratch to manage your projects. For teachers who want students to follow a specific process to complete a project, creating a custom template is the way forward. You can share your template with anyone by simply inviting them into your project workspace and then letting them make a copy of it.

Project templates in Taskade can contain daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists that are shared with all project members. Templates can also contain files and links to resources needed to complete the project. If these files contain videos or audio recordings, they can be played in Taskade. Videos from sources like YouTube and Loom are also played within a Taskade project.

I can see myself creating a Taskade project planning template to help my students get started on a long-term project. I will include some checklists of things that students need to do, target dates for completing the checklists, and some resource links or files that can help them get started. See my screenshot below of the compelling presentation project planning template I created in Taskade.

Easy-to-follow instructions for creating a project planning template are available right here on Taskade’s website.

Real-time collaboration in many forms
When you create a new project in Taskade, you do so in what Taskade refers to as a workspace. Taskade is designed for collaboration. Therefore, when you are in a Taskade workspace, you have several ways to collaborate with other members of your workspace. You can send instant messages via text while in a workspace, you can have an audio call in your workspace, and you can have a video call in your workspace.

During video and audio calls in Tascade workspaces, you can share on the screen to show everyone in the call what you are working on, what the next project step is, or just make sure everyone is talking about the same shared file.

In chat messages in Taskade workspaces, you can quote other messages in your replies. I find it very useful when more than two people are participating in the chat. Quoted answers help me follow chat conversations a little easier in the same way that quoted answers help me follow email conversations. Finally, chat messages can also contain a to-do list from your workspace.

Cross-Project Sharing and Task Repetition
Within your Taskade account, you can link projects together. This means that if you have an element in one project that is relevant to another, you can quickly link the two together. This can be useful for students working on multidisciplinary projects and want to keep some elements separate while combining elements that overlap.

We have all the tasks to be performed every day, week or month at the same time. This is true when we try to carry out long-term projects, just as it is in our daily lives. In Tascade, you can create a list of tasks and automate them to appear in your projects with a range of your choice. In other words, you can reuse the same to-do list over and over again with an interval of your choice. Here is an overview of how it is done.

Visuals for everyone
Some of us like to see project plans as a linear list, some of us like to see them as flowcharts, and others prefer a calendar view. Similarly, some of us like to use lots of color coding and emojis in our project plans, and others prefer a simple black and white aesthetic. Taskade can accommodate all of these preferences and more.

And for those who like to have a plan in hand, Taskade projects can be exported to PDF for easy printing.

Bottom line
Taskade can be used for something as simple as creating a to-do list with built-in reminders or as complex as coordinating a long-term project. When you include in the collaboration tools, Taskade really shines as a complete solution for project planning and management.

Get started!

Taskade has free and paid plans. The free plan is more than adequate for students. In the free plan you have one work area and unlimited subspaces. Subspaces can do everything a workspace can, including using templates, inviting collaborators and hosting video calls. A detailed explanation of the difference can be read here.

Watch my short tutorial video (embedded below), then go to to create a free account and create your first project planning template.

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