Get a 30% discount on Earfun’s impressive new Free Pro 2 sports knobs


Earfun Free Pro 2 has just been released on Amazon.


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I was a fan of Earfun’s in the past Free Pro earplugs, which give good sound to around 50 USD and have small sports fins that help hold them securely in your ears. Now Earfun has released Earfun Pro 2 knobs with aluminum alloy caps, enhanced noise reduction and a few extra microphones to help increase voice dialing performance. They list for $ 80, but once you click on the 10% off discount coupon on their Amazon product page and then add the code EFANCFP6 (extra 20% discount) at checkout the price goes to $ 56 before tax (it is $ 24 off). The code EFANCFP6 is good through December 10th. Just remember to use it at checkout.

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I’ve been using Free Pro 2 for a few days and they deliver good sound at their modest price, with decent clarity and deep but well-defined bass. They produce relatively large, open sound. They do not have such additional features as an ear detection sensor, so your music stops automatically when you take one or both buds out of your ears or an app that allows you to update their firmware. But they are lightweight, should fit most ears, and have a decent noise reduction along with a transparency mode (it’s not as good as the AirPods Pro’s transparency mode, which is hard to beat).

I found the voice dialing performance good, but not great. They did an acceptable job of reducing background noise and capturing my voice in noisy environments, but they are not top notch in this department.

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Battery life is estimated at up to 6 hours, they are IPX5 splashproof, and their elongated case is compact and lightweight (it’s better than Free Pro’s case). That said, the little fin helps keep them in your ears, and they provide decent sports earphones and sit fairly flush with your ear – they do not protrude much) – which helps reduce wind noise. Here’s a closer look at the specifications of various Earfun earphones currently available.


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