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A woman cutting vegetables with a high quality coke knife.
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A quality knife is a culinary workhorse for anyone who loves to work in the kitchen. This year, surprise your favorite chef with one (or a pair) of top, reliably sharp knives he or she will love.

Below you will find our two best choices for knife block sets for anyone who needs an all-in-one starter set to update their knife collection, as well as a range of reliable knives that are perfect for anyone who loves to cut, cut and chop .

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Wüsthof Gourmet Knife Block Set

A Wüsthof knife block set.


Wüsthof is a respected knife brand that has been around for years. This gourmet set is one of their cheaper series and is considered entry-level. It is equipped with precision stainless steel, stamped knives. It’s certainly not cheap compared to knife blocks and sets for bargain brands you find in your local home store, but it does provide many years of service.

If you want to stand still and really ruin your favorite chef, you can always skip from basic to premium and go for the forged series, which has knives of even higher quality. Here is a fantastic block, complete with precision forged knives.

The stamped knives are stain and rust resistant, carbon steel. This set comes complete with a chef, utility and bread knife, two knife knives, four serrated steak knives and more! The Acadia wood stone also has a nine-inch grinding steel and a pair of kitchen inserts. Your favorite chef gets everything he or she needs with this high quality block.

Best overall

Home Hero Block Set

A Home Hero knife block set with some of the knives on a cutting board.

Home Completely

If you’re looking for a set of cheaper knives with an aesthetic appeal, look no further! This highly rated stainless steel knife set comes in a completely black coating for a sleek, modern look that will suit any kitchen.

These practical, durable knives are perfect for any culinary student or novice home cook looking for a set that can take a beating. The sharp knives provide precision with each disc, and the ergonomic handles provide comfort, which is essential for any chef.

Best bang for your buck

Wüsthof Classic Icon 8 inches. Chef’s knife

Someone is cutting fresh figs with a Wüsthof eight-inch coke knife on a cutting board.


Wüsthof Chef’s Knife is the ultimate multifunction tool designed to perform various kitchen tasks. From chopping vegetables to cutting meat, this knife quickly becomes every coke’s best friend.

The most crucial thing when choosing a coke knife is to find one that comfortably fits a person’s hand. If you are not completely familiar with chef knives, you can learn to choose the best one for any chef here.

This classic Icon, eight inch Wüsthof has a durable full pliers, made of high carbon-stainless steel. While most chef’s knife blades are between 6-14 inches, an 8- or 9-inch blade tends to be the most manageable and adaptable to homemade food.

YES Henckels 8 inches. Chef’s knife

A coke knife on a chopping block.

YES Henckels

If you are looking for a more affordable coke knife, JA Henckels’ 8-inch is a reliable option. Like the Wüsthof, this imperishable German magazine is durable. It’s on the heavier side, but it’s less than half the price of the Wüsthof Ikon we shared above.

This means that you get a tool that is suitable for cutting large pieces of meat or cubes of large vegetables, such as. Winter squash. On the other side of this full-tong coke knife, there is also an excellent tool for chopping, slicing or slicing.

Mercer Culinary Paring Knife

A Mercer mating knife on a cutting board.


Mercer knives are made of stain and rust-resistant Japanese steel for long life. They are used for precision cutting, and their razor-sharp edges burst through cooking every night.

This cutting knife has a comfortable, ergonomic handle. It is slightly larger than others, but still light enough to naturally fit the hand. It is an excellent gift for anyone looking for comfort and quality at a friendly price.

Viking Culinary High-Carbon Steel Steak Knife Set

A Viking steak knife on a cutting board next to a rib and the full set of Viking knives.


If you or someone you know loves steakhouse steak knives, this is a gift worth giving. This knife set with six parts in restaurant quality is made of German stainless steel. They also all fit securely in a beautiful rubber wooden gift box.

Victorinox boning knife

A flexible boning knife.


A boning knife is best for trimming and boning pieces of meat, but it is also excellent for cutting delicate meat. This professionally designed Swiss knife has a curved, semi-rigid blade, perfect for the butcher in your home.

Dalstrong cutting knife and fork set

A carving knife set.


With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, this carving knife and fork set will ensure that every turkey or roast is cut to perfection! Whether your family is slowly frying a traditional prime rib, or can’t handle Christmas without an oven-roasted ham, this set delivers.

The carbon-strong German steel offers an incredible shear edge. It also comes with a sanding bar to ensure that the edge is always straight. The cutting fork is beautifully designed with a black pakkawood handle for comfort and maneuverability.

Cutluxe 10 inches. Bread knife

A bread knife that cuts artisan bread.


Every kitchen needs a serrated bread knife for bagels, cakes, crispy breads, sandwiches, baguettes and more. Your friend will love whipping this sharp, wonderfully crafted knife out when she has some hot bread to cut.

Mercer tomato knife

A tomato knife and sliced ​​tomatoes.


In addition to tomatoes, a small, serrated kitchen knife is a necessary tool for cutting citrus or even sawing through small sandwiches. It may seem like a splurge, but when your favorite chef uses this little guy, you hear all about how it is now their favorite magazine.

A quality set of knives is a must-have for any culinary student, home cook or foodie who loves to spend time in the kitchen. With practice, a sense of taste and a good set of knives, your favorite chef will be able to turn almost anything into a five-star meal!

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