Google’s Pixel security update from January 2022 is now live

Google seems to be in the process of releasing a long-awaited update for Pixel 6 phones. Earlier today, Android expert Mishaal Rahman noted that Google posted OTA and factory images to its developer site for the January 2022 patch. That means everyone can sideload the update to their Pixel phone now, and it has the official over-the-air update already started rolling out to some devices (including some owned by Rim staff).

Using the phones’ built-in checker can start the process, and if it does not, page loading is still an option. But waiting for the regular rollout instead of performing a manual installation may be the best way to go, given the problems caused by the December update.

This patch contains several bug fixes and a few new features that Pixel 6 owners have been eagerly awaiting. It is supposed to fine-tune the fingerprint sensor, the camera and support 23W wireless fast charging with the second generation Pixel Stand.

Google originally intended to post these features in the December update, but stopped and eventually removed the files from its site as users complained about connectivity issues after installing the patch. Google says the January update will fix the issues caused by the December update and fix the bugs that drove at least one familiar Pixel 6 user to drop the phone completely.

With the pictures public and a Canadian telecommunications company quoting Monday, January 17 for the release, we thought the patch would come next week, but it’s already here. It is not too early for people who have bought Pixel 6 or 6 Pro and expect to get a premium device. Although the hardware really is flagship level, the software experience has not always been smooth.

Update January 14 at 16:30 ET: Updated to reflect that the update is rolling out now.

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