GTA Trilogy is a mess. Here’s what you should know

The crew is not having much fun in the new San Andreas

The crew is not having much fun in the new San Andreas.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was released Thursday, just days after the 20th anniversary of the original Grand Theft Auto 3 debut on PlayStation 2. However, since its release last week, many GTA fans have reported major game issues .

The remaster of the first 3D GTA games – GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas – was intended to offer fans of the series a way to relive memories of the older games with improved graphics. Instead, many who played the remaster encountered a growing list of issues, which led to the game gaining an abysmal user rating on Metacritic. Some fans are asking Rockstar for a refund.

Here are some of the issues (so far) with the GTA Trilogy remaster.

What are some of the issues with GTA Trilogy?

When the publisher Rockstar Games first unveiled the GTA Trilogy, there was a wave of excitement from fans. Characters looked better, explosions were bigger and worlds looked more alive. That hype drained quickly when people actually played the games.

A major complaint among gamers is the confusing visual changes. The assumption is that AI software was used to achieve nicer graphics, and although it enhanced certain visual effects, it also created some awkward looking characters.

There is also a strange bug in GTA San Andreas. If you’re in first-person mode while cycling, it shows a super close-up of CJ’s face instead of just a first-person picture of the road.

Errors are not just limited to the game’s graphics. Across all three games, there are holes in the ground where players and vehicles can get stuck, intermediate sequences interrupted by unplayable characters, and strange collision physics. There is also a disorienting rain effect that makes it difficult to see the game itself.

What happened to the PC version?

One day after its release, the PC version of GTA Trilogy was removed from Rockstar Games Launcher. It was then added back to the launcher two days later.

Rockstar did not give a reason for this 48-hour removal, but there were two major items revealed in the PC files for the game.

Dataminers apparently discovered the “holy grail” of developer notes for the game not long after it was launched. This included codes and assets that were not used in the game, and notes from the original development team. A computer miner confirmed that these files were removed when the PC version was put back on the launcher.

Another discovery was the inclusion of the “Hot Coffee” files. When GTA San Andreas was released on PC in 2005, players found data for one unused sex mini-games, leading to a whirlwind of controversy for Rockstar. It eventually became removed from the game in 2008. As for the files in GTA Trilogy, it is unclear if they were also removed when Rockstar made the PC version available again.

What about the Nintendo Switch version?

GTA Trilogy marks the first time the 3D GTA games were made available on a Nintendo console. Unfortunately, it is not a great port.

The Switch version has issues from the other versions compounded with performance issues and degraded images to work on the lower powered Nintendo console. This includes an unstable frame rate, longer loading times and downgraded graphics compared to PS5, PC and Xbox series versions.

Will these problems be solved?

Grove Street Games, the studio that ported the GTA games to mobile phones, was behind the GTA trilogy. The company’s CEO Thomas Williams tweeted there would be updates in the future even if he did not come with details.

The GTA Trilogy is out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles for $ 60.

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