Henry Cavill ‘leads from the front’ according to The Witcher’s Paul Bullion

The Witcher Season 2 Paul Bullion

Paul Bullion (third from right) plays Lambert in the second season of The Witcher.

Jay Maidment / Netflix

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If you’re a fan of The Witcher on Netflix, you only have a matter of days before the second season drops. Henry Cavill returns as Geralt. And if the trailers are any indication, we’re going to see a lot more of Geralt’s world. There seems to be more action, with lots of swords, horses and yellow eyes in the teaser. Part of the expanding world is the addition of the character Lambert, played by British actor Paul Bullion. You might remember him as Billy Kitchen in the series Peaky Blinders.

Like any show or movie filmed during the pandemic, The Witcher had a number of protocols that the cast and crew followed to be safe, including frequent testing and use of face masks. On CNETs I’m So Obsessed podcast, Bullion explained how Cavill was a role model for everyone when it came to safety and how his energy transformed the recording.

“He’s an absolute gentleman. He created the atmosphere on the set,” Bullion said. “He’s leading the way. He likes to greet people every day, make people feel included. And he’s very funny. He always has a great sense of humor. We would make jokes here and there, again, for to keep the mood light. And that would lead to the scenes, because we are supposed to be essentially abandoned brothers. “

Bullion, who is a skilled triathlete, also has a good sense of humor. On his Instagram account, he posted a picture of himself on one side, and Ghost of Christmas Present from Muppet Christmas Carol on the other. The caption reads: “Paul, do you have a style you go for?”

During our interview, Bullion discussed the importance of carrying a sword in The Witcher, fights Jason Momoa in the movie Dune and his love of true crime documentaries. You can watch season 2 of The Witcher on Netflix from December 17th. Listen to my entire interview with Bullion in the podcast player at the top of this article. Subscribe to I’m So Obsessed on your favorite podcast app. In each episode, Connie Guglielmo or I catch up with an artist, actress, or creator to learn about work, career, and current occupations.

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