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Vanessa Hudgens stars in Netflix’s The Princess Switch 3. Netflix

Netflix is ​​bringing you all the Christmas cheer and some highly anticipated originals this week. From a fan’s favorite holiday movie series to Joe Exotics’ return to the screens, the streaming service has a lot to offer this week.

While last week may have been a little easier on content, Netflix is ​​bringing it this week. Subscribers will see everything from new documentary series to holiday movies to action movies. Every day seems to be a new genre.

If you want to make your watch plans, here’s everything that comes to Netflix in the week of November 15, 2021.

  • Nov 15
    • America’s Next Top Model: Season 21 and 22: The more recent seasons of the model competition are coming to streaming.
    • Kuroko’s Basketball: Last game: This anime tells the story of a basketball team assembled to win.
    • Lies and deception: A literature teacher believes she has been raped by a prolific surgeon.
    • Snow for Christmas: A woman who is in love with her boss gets snooped into a luxury resort with him.
    • Survivor: Season 16 and Season 37: Season 16 and 37 of the reality show are coming to streaming.
  • Nov 16
    • Johnny Tests Ultimate Meatloaf Quest: This interactive animated show sees Johnny looking for the ultimate meatloaf to avoid his dad’s poor cooking.
    • StoryBots: Laugh, learn, sing: The characters Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo make their way to an alphabetical musical.

  • Nov 17
    • Juleflow: A journalist and famous rapper fall for each other in this holiday movie.
    • Prayers for the Stolen: The friendship between three girls helps them cope with the actions of a drug cartel.
    • The Queen of Flow: Season 2: A woman seeks justice after being wrongfully imprisoned.
    • Supergirl: Season 6: The latest episodes of the CW series are coming to streaming.
    • Tear along the dotted line: An Italian cartoonist reflects on his life with the conscience of armadillos.
    • Tiger King 2: Joe Exotic is back in season two of Tiger King.

  • Nov 18
    • Carlos Ballarta: False Prophet: The cartoon is back for a Netflix special.
    • Dogs in the room: Genetically modified dogs are sent to the planet Fetch to scout for human habitation in this animated series.
    • Lead me home: This series features stories of uninhabited people on the west coast of the United States.
    • The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star: Vanessa Hudgens is back in her three roles for another Princess Switch movie.

  • Nov 19
    • Blown Away: Jul: Bobby Berk is hosting the Christmas edition of the glassblowing competition.
    • Cowboy Bebop: Three bounty hunters team up in this adaptation of the space anime.
    • Dhamaka: A former newscaster who became a radio host sees an opportunity for a career comeback.
    • Extinct: Two expensive time travel to the future only to find themselves exterminated in this animated series.

  • Nov 20 [Con’t]
    • Course to hell: Divine creatures hand out judgments in this Korean series.
    • Love me instead: A prisoner tries to reconnect with his daughter.
    • The Mind, Explained: Season 2: The mind and all its intricacies are examined in this series.
    • Procession: Men abused by the Catholic Church make short films about their experiences.
    • tick, tick … BOOM !: This biopic tells the story of Rent author Jonathan Larson.
  • Nov 21
    • New world: Celebrities find ways to redeem money in digital currency on their last day on an island.

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