How big an upgrade is Nintendo’s OLED switch?

How big an upgrade is Nintendo’s OLED switch?

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Nintendo fans around the world have been patiently waiting for a Switch Pro to launch. With the new Switch OLED model, fans get an upgraded console, but that’s not exactly what Switch Pro fans have been looking for.

Nintendo Switch OLED model reviews are in

When Nintendo releases a new console, the world notices it. Sure, the Switch OLED model may not be a full 4K Switch Pro that some people were hoping for, but based on the reviews, it appears to be a significant upgrade over the original console.

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Andrew Webster with The Verge said: “It’s not 4K, but it sure looks good.” In the end, the new console received an 8 out of 10, which is solid. The big positives are the improved kickstand, the beautiful screen and the extra storage. The main negative aspects of the review are the fact that the Joy-Con controllers have not changed and the lack of performance gains.

Over at Engadget, Kris Naudus called the console “beautiful, but not a must-have”, which seems to be the main opinion that reviewers offered. That said, the review also gave the console an impressive 89 out of 100. It says that “the OLED screen is bigger and brighter” and there is “improved battery life compared to previous models.” These alone outweigh the main problems of the publication, which is the heavier console, the lack of ability to charge the console in tabletop, and the fact that it costs more than the original.

IGN discussed whether current switch owners should upgrade. Author Taylor Lyles said: “Switch OLED is probably doing the right thing to make it the current Nintendo flagship, but not enough to get most Switch owners to upgrade.”

Polygon’s Russ Frushtick agrees, saying, “For someone who’s never bought a switch and decides he wants to spend $ 50 more on the OLED model, I’ll say it’s worth it.” For current owners, it does not seem that upgrading is worthwhile. Frushtick said the upgrade is “not so great that I would recommend everyone, or even most, to throw their old hardware out in favor of this device.”

Are you going to get one?

The consensus seems to be that the OLED switch is a great device in itself, but it’s probably not worth upgrading if you already have a switch.

Sure, you get a better stand if you play a lot in tabletop, and the battery life is a little better, but because there are no real improvements in gaming performance, the upgrade is not as significant as it could be.

The console is released on October 8, 2021, so if you are interested in downloading one, you do not have to wait too long (provided they are actually available on launch day).

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